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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Evolutionary Evangelists

Tim Challies has a good response to a recent evolutionary propaganda piece written by barking at the moon, anti-Christian, Michael Shermer and published in the October edition of Scientific American.

Shermer suggests right winger fundamentalists must embrace evolutionary philosophy because it would be honoring to God - according to the right winger fundamentalist view of "God." (Of course, one has to wonder why a hardcore, anti-theist liberal would even care about how Christian's view God, but I digress). For example, Shermer writes that creationism is bad theology because it presents a watch- maker god who is sitting in a tool shed tinkering around with life as we know it. Moreover, he claims evolution explains original sin because it is part of our evolved nature to be competitive and cooperative at the same time, hence the whole idea of good and evil.

Now, what I have found amusing to watch over the last couple of years is the increased aggravation on the part of Darwinian evolutionists as they react to the growing popularity of ID theory among the unwashed masses with shrill alarm. It used to be when I was in jr. high and high school, evolution was maybe discussed during the first couple of days of earth science or biology class. We had to listening to the teacher prattle on with a biography of Darwin's life, then glance over the whole idea of natural selection, and of course there was the obligatory comment in a paragraph or two discussing how "some people believe a supreme being created the world" so as to satisfy the biblicists. None of us really paid attention to what was being taught. All the religious kids just endured the lecture because it was part of the routine, but no one was convinced of Darwinianism and all of us remained ignorant of what evolutionary ideology is really all about.

Things have changed since then, however, and with the advent of the Internet, the sophisticated criticisms against the evolutionary worldview raised by the brilliant, scientific minds from such organizations as Answers in Genesis and the Discovery Institute, are quickly and easily disseminated everywhere, especially into the hands of thoughtful high school students, graduate students and even sympathetic teachers who utilize this materials in their classrooms.

Oddly, you would think individuals who pride themselves at being "freethinkers" and scientists would encourage scientific inquiry that is "outside the box" like ID is, but this is sorely not the case. The evolutionists have turned evangelists for their cause, and poor evangelists because all they truly peddle is atheistic materialism.

Rather than welcoming healthy criticisms of their philosophy, evolutionists have responded with petty, high-handed arrogance by either dismissing their critics as superstitious bumpkins or letting the courts fight their intellectual battle for them. Eugenie Scott, the director of the deceptively named, National Center for Science Education, a clearing house for atheistic propaganda disguised as legitimate science, has made it her life's passion to legally stifle reasonable objections to the foundation of evolutionary theory. I have likened her and her cohorts to a modern day secular inquisition where any Galileo-like high school biology teacher who dares to even raise a criticism against evolutionary thought is arrested and brought before a tribunal to be tried for heresy.

Another example is curator Dr. Warren Allmon, who was disturbed by an incident that happened at his museum in which one of his docents was unable to answer the withering questions asked by some "creationists" and had to excuse himself in order to prevent any further loss of credibility. From Dr. Allmon's perspective, a family of snake-handling hillbillies jumped into their pulp wood truck and made their way out of the Appalachian Mountains and some how wandered into his museum and had the gall to reinterpret all the exhibits according to the "Bybul." In order to arm his docents against any future visits by superstitious, scripture quoting rubes, Dr. Allmon put together a 10 page guide outlining basic evolutionary thought. I review and critique it here. He suggests education is one of the key ways to squash this creationist infiltration. In fact, this seems to be the fix-it-up, cure-all solution offered by evolutionists: more education. The evolutionary indoctrination would even have to begin as early as kindergarten. The earlier they start and the more they know, the quicker any notion of a God creating will be forgotten.

Yet, increased education doesn't seem to be helping Darwinianism at all. And even more detrimental to their cause are the "evolutionary evangelists" they have rallied to their cause. They are people like the afore mentioned anti-God fellows at the NSCE and Michael Shermer, a shill for atheism, who have become their primary spokesman. Honestly, why is Michael Shermer, who has a doctorate in psychology and makes his primary living writing screeds against religious thought, called upon to write an article raging against Christians opposing evolution in Scientific American? There would be no reason for it unless there was a deeper issue at stake in this battle, that being the hatred of God by the so-called scientific community who wish to pretend this is a debate on the nature of good science. If that is true, stop letting folks like Shermer make your defense. Let's deal with what science genuinely shows us and the conclusions we can honestly make from scientific observation. Let the evidence lead us to where it may take us. But, evolutionists won't have none of that, because of what may be uncovered against them.



Blogger thomas4881 said...

You know I watch the news and see all the problems they talk about. It always is clear that the problems would go away if people just stopped sinning. I often hear people say things such as "I can't understand why they would do that" after watching some tragedy on the news. The Bible makes it clear why they do what they do: Sin. Evolutionist, Atheist, Nonbelievers, Tares...have no answers for why we have these problems. Their answers are at best superfical to cover up their true motive: rebellion against God.
100% of all scientist could reject evolution and it woulden't hurt scientific progress one bit.

3:35 PM, September 27, 2006  

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