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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A couple of links of note

Keeping the masses entertained until I can get back to blogging:

Co-worker Janea laments the demise of our beloved country station 93.9, KZLA. It probably means nothing to you all outside the LA area, but believe me, in a city were there is nothing but hip-hop, gangsta rap, and mariachi bands blasting on practically every radio station, hearing some guy singing about living in the south, getting cheated on by his girl, or losing his hunting dog, or fishing with his grandpa was a refreshing change. I am more of an AM talk radio guy and I only listened on occasion to KZLA when I was in the car, but I am feeling a sorrowful loss when I hit the #2 button on my radio and it is Christina Aguilera screaming at me. At least we still have classic rock KLOS.

Then La Shawn has an insightful post about the "forced" conversions of FOX reporter Steve Centanni and his photographer friend. Good stuff. I appreciate that La Shawn has a biblical voice among an otherwise secular fan base. She is, as I always stated, our missionary to the conservative a-religious right.


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