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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

10 Ways Darwinists Help IDers

Joe Carter of The Evangelical Outpost has posted a three part series exploring the 10 ways Darwinian evolutionists helps the cause of intelligent design.

Those who regularly read my blog know that I am not a big fan of ID theory in the sense that I do not consider it to be the last great hope of rescuing the minds of modern men from the irrationality of Darwinian naturalism. That is because the proponents of the theory practically stumble over one another to avoid identifying the designer. Thus, the identification of the designer is left up to each individual's imagination, which can result in a hodge-podge of strange, religious shipmates all rowing together in the same ID boat.

Moreover, since the very title "Intelligent Design" invokes the notion of a designer, the question is then raised as to whether that designer has revealed himself or has made himself known in any fashion beyond just designing with intelligence. I know with out a doubt He has and His revelation is absolute, trustworthy and authoritative. The revelation from that designer tells me that the minds of men are not only darkened to the truth, but men themselves are in rebellion against the designer who is their sovereign, and no amount of debate or stand alone evidence will convince them to abandon their rebellion and submit to the sovereignty of that designer.

But, that being said, when IDers are presenting their stuff in the public arena, I still cheer them on. Though I believe ID philosophy falls short with being fully adequate to answer Darwinian philosophy, they focus the debate where we must engage our attention: Evaluating the core, foundational presuppositions of Darwinian evolution, atheistic naturalism.

I will list Joe's main points, but the full articles are worth the read and can be located here:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Darwinists help intelligent design,

1) By remaining completely ignorant about ID while knocking down strawman versions of the theory. Carter observes that this may be due in part to intellectual laziness and snobbery. I couldn't agree more, and it is my experience when interacting with ID-creationist critics from the evolutionary camp that they are for the most part clueless as to the philosophical baggage of their own beliefs, let alone the key arguments supporting ID. See my review of a public debate I witnessed earlier this year between ID and evolutionary opponents to get a grasp on what I am saying here.

2) By claiming ID is stealth creationism. I have always thought it a mystery how Darwinianists attempt to equate ID with biblical creationism, especially in light of the fact that IDers are publicly embarrassed of creationists within their ranks and treat them all like the proverbial redheaded step-child.

3) By resorting to the "science of the gaps" arguments.

4) By claiming that ID isn't science since it's not published peer-reviewed literature ... and then refusing to allow publications of ID papers in peer-reviewed journals.

5) By making claims that natural selection is responsible for all behaviors and biological features.

6) By invoking design in non-design explanations.

7) By claiming that the criticism of ID has nothing to do with a prejudice against theism - and then having the most vocal critics of ID be anti-religious atheists.

8) By separating origins of life science from evolutionary explanations.

9) By resorting to ad hominems instead of arguments (e.g., claiming that advocates of ID are "ignorant").

10) By not being able to believe their own theory.



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