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Friday, July 21, 2006

Web Watching

I have some more significant essays and posts forth coming, but in the meantime as I compose them and in order to keep the blog "fresh," I thought I would pass along some links of interest:

Frank Turk's Da Vinci Code lectures:

I never read the Da Vinci Code in its entirety; just the salient portions attacking the Christian faith. I must confess that I became sick of hearing about the Da Vinci Code with all its characters like Langdon, Teabing and Sophie by the end of November of last year. I even became tired of all the apologetics put out - there must have been a new book or DVD debunking Dan Brown's story published every week with each one basically regurgitating the same material as all the others.

So, when the Turk announced that his home church had released the MP3s of his Sunday School lectures on the subject, I thought, "Oh yeah, another Da Vinci Code debunking talk, been there, down that." I was of course curious as to what Frank sounded like, so I downloaded a couple of the messages, part 1 and part 4.

Maybe I am just a biased, sycophantic side kick wanna-be, but the lectures are good. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, they are some of the better ones I have heard over the last few months. Frank tackles the subject in a unique fashion particularly by wrapping up his first three talks with a fourth one geared toward the gospel message and how we as Christians should utilize the material for evangelism.

I wrote in a comment on Frank's blog that I thought he had a little Jerry Falwell in his voice. I was making reference to his opening prayer on his fourth message. If he had thrown in some thees and thous and some verbs ending in "th" I thought it would have been a spot on Falwell. However, once Frank starts teaching, he peels off the Falwell and gets into that fast talking, popular apologetics/Richard Abanes mode.

Two new additions to my creationism and evolution series

My webmaster just added my two latest talks from my Evolution, ID and Creationism series. We're slow getting them on line, but I have been away and the messages have to be edited and processed. My friend and I work on them during our freetime, which I for one have not had much of lately. The first is on Critiquing Intelligent Design and the other is an Introduction to Biblical Creationism.

Archaeological article on the so-called findings of Noah's Ark in Iran.

Rick Lanser of the Associates for Biblical Research has an extensive review of the recent claims by Bob Cornuke to have possibly found the remains of Noah's Ark. That may be some good reading for folks over the weekend.


Blogger Carla said...

"Maybe I am just a biased, sycophantic side kick wanna-be, but the lectures are good. I was pleasantly surprised."

I agree, they were good. And I would have said that even if I weren't already a sidekick.


5:53 PM, July 22, 2006  
Blogger Daniel said...

I also liked Frank's study - but I was surprised somewhat at Franks voice. I (audiographically speaking) pictured it as being a little slower and deeper, and with less of an accent, and I wasn't expecting to hear as much passion in his presentation.

Very pleasantly surprised indeed.

11:58 AM, July 24, 2006  

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