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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ark Raving Mad

The Lord told Noah to build him and arky-arky

World Net Daily (not one of the most impeccable sources of Internet news) posts an article highlighting all of the supposed wreckage sites for Noah's Ark. Coming on the heels of Bob Cornuke's claim he found "ark-like" ruins in Northern Iran, several other ark enthusiasts have chimed in accusing Bob and his "ark-like" ruins as being all wet.

There are at least four other ark sites vying for the identification of being the official "Noah's Ark." At least two on Mount Ararat itself, one near the base of Ararat and still another in the former Soviet Union.

As I noted in a previous post on this subject back in March: let us not forget that the historicity and authenticity of the biblical record of Noah's Ark does not stand or fall upon having tangible gopher wood in hand from the top of Mount Ararat. Sure, it would be nice to have such artifacts, and the world's geology screams of a global, cataclysmic flood happening in the past; however, it is the testimony of God that affirms to us the reality of Noah's Ark, not tangible evidence.



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