Hip and Thigh: Smiting Theological Philistines with a Great Slaughter. Judges 15:8

Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Bloggerversary

This first week in June marks the first year anniversary of my blog, Hip and Thigh. In fact, I think this week (or month) marks the first anniversary for a lot of my favorite blogs. I imagine many of them will post articles commenting on their one year. Phil Johnson, for instance has posted a retrospective. Who can forget the big comic book cover posts? My favorite of course is his number one remembered post. I happened to be the first commenter to that post, as well.

My first post was actually on May 31st, 2005. It was a bland, introduction post explaining the purpose for my blog. I am not sure I did anything I stated I would do with it, but oh well.

My next post is what I would consider my official first blog entry: Does ID = Creationism?

It was a critique of some opinion article written by a muddled minded lady who writes for a Kansas City newspaper. Peter D. Nelson was the first (and only) commenter to that blog entry and thus the first commenter on my blog.

The name, "Hip and Thigh", I took from Judges 15:8, where the KJV says that Samson smote the Philistines hip and thigh with a great slaughter. That is probably my favorite expression from the Bible, and at the time, I thought it would make a fun blog name, particularly with the idea of having some sort of apologetic theme in mind.

Looking back, I sort of wished I would have thought through the ramifications of having a name like "Hip and Thigh;" especially being linked on so many various Christian blogs. In our sleazy day and age, the idea of a website called "Hip and Thigh" implies some sort of risque subject matter. Most people just list my personal name with a link to my blog. I guess it saves them the embarrassment of having to explain the title.

I think some of the confusion would be headed off if I had more Samson related images, say for instance a snazzy looking banner with Samson whippin' on an army of men with a jawbone. I certainly would love to have something like that as a banner, but I lack the photoshop like software and the "know-how" to create it. I have a lot of fun ideas for graphics, but I need the tools to pull it off. One of my goals for this next year, or at least by years end, is to maybe improve in that area. I can't say for sure it will happen, but if I can obtain one of those Frank Turk wooden nickel awards, maybe for best improved blog, I would be flooded with personal satisfaction.

I often have been asked by folks who know I blog to explain why I blog. The simplest answer is that I like to write. I love to write on non-theological themes just as much as theological themes. Theological writing, which under that heading includes apologetics, exegetical subjects, and biblical doctrine, is a lost discipline among the majority of pastors today. It use to be that pastors wrote books, or tracts, and even their sermons so as to help disciple their congregations. This was particularly true of the Puritans. All of the Puritan books pinhead theologians like me read that were written by Puritans were originally sermon manuscripts. They were written and preached for the benefit of God's people.

The desire to address in writing any important apologetic or theological issues necessary for Christians to be affective stewards for Christ just does not happen nowadays. Yet, this is probably the one discipline that helps shape a pastor's thinking about a subject. It also helps him to communicate better, logically articulate his thinking about a subject, and forces him to interact with detractors and offer rejoinders to their rebuttals often left in the comments page.
Moreover, with the wonderful information available on the Internet, a pastor can direct readers, via his blog by a link, to an otherwise unknown website that may be helpful for others.

I also appreciate all the wonderful folks I have met over the past year that I may never meet in real life. The Internet truly is remarkable. I have friendly acquaintances all across these fruited plains, into Canada and even over across the seas into the U.K. and South Africa, I would have otherwise never met if it were not for this blog. The Lord willing I will be able to personally meet some of you great folks, but I am delighted to know you all just the same.

I look forward to another fun year. I have a lot of posts in mind to write, I just need the time to do them.


Blogger Gordan said...


I just dropped by to let you know I very much appreciated your comment at StrangeBaptistFire.com, about dishonest congregations, etc.

Very insightful, and yet depressingly true.

I'll be back here. Looks like I've stumbled onto a good thing.

2:46 PM, June 02, 2006  
Blogger Patrick Chan said...

I'll concur: a hearty congrats, Fred! :-)

10:54 PM, June 02, 2006  
Blogger Peter D. Nelson said...

Fred everytime you say something about me my ears itch does that mean something? Just kidding. Now if I can just quit reading all these good blogs like yours and post on mine.

12:15 PM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger TulipGirl said...

Happy One Year Blogging!

12:28 PM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger Hayden said...

Congrats Freddie! I enjoy your blog and through it have been able to keep up with what is going in with you guys. We will see you guys in CA next week.

5:47 PM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger Darlene said...

Happy First Year!!

2:49 PM, June 04, 2006  
Blogger Daniel said...

One year already. Congratulations.

1:28 PM, June 05, 2006  

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