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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fiction is Stranger than Truth

I have to say I am glad to see Strange Baptist Fire finally coming on-line this past week. The stated goal of the boys contributing to the site is to document and offer a running refutation to the mental patients posting their ramblings at the asylum called Baptist Fire.

The Baptist Fire site has a Drudge Report style appearance to it. The Courier News font screaming out headlines, rarely any graphics, and all sorts of links leading off into countless directions. The one thing you will note when you make your first visit there is that whoever maintains the site hates Tom Ascol and the Founders Ministry as well as all things Calvinistic. Whoever these people are, they hate them with such fervency that they are driven to madness and cowardliness.

I say madness, because the anti-Calvinistic material they post is so terribly riddled with error that any one in his right mind would be embarrassed to have his name associated with it; and I say cowardliness, because none of the writers and webposters have the courage of conviction to tell us who they are.

To me, the anonymity speaks volumes as to their true character. This is similar to how the Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower officials never put their names on the material they write. I rarely, if ever, care for anonymity. In a case where a person's life is at great risk, say a Christian from a Muslim background or missionaries in a dangerous area, I can understand the need to have your personal identity hidden. However, this is not the case for Baptist Fire folks. In my mind, the anonymity assumed by the writers at Baptist Fire implies a deceitfulness that they are attempting to hide the truth from their readers. Moreover, it takes on the arrogance that Baptist Fire is above any critique or being held accountable for their dishonesty and mis-information.

With the Strange Baptist Fire site, I hope, in addition to the fine articles, that maybe they will take on some levity. Perhaps have a sidebar with testimonials from pastors or leaders who have come out and renounced synergistic Baptists. Audio clips of pastors warning about the infiltration of synergistic freewillers splitting Churches. That would be a hoot.


Blogger Johnnie Burgess Jr said...

Thanks for posting about strange baptist fire. It looks like a great site.

8:21 PM, May 03, 2006  

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