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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Atheists make me laugh

While I prepare for my next entry in my on going series with blues guitar playing commie anarchist, Chaz, check out how Steve Hays exposes the folly of atheism in a recent rant against a hand wringing secularist afraid of Christians taking over the world.

Prepare to laugh. Out loud.

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Blogger Daniel said...

I’m afraid that Holman was born in the wrong time and place. He missed his true calling in life as a Nazi eugenicist.

Now -that- was funny.

8:45 AM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

That was one of the best lines from the whole thing. I also liked his comments about the blue laws.

I would figure feminist would like blue laws, because if blue laws were still in effect, the husbands would not be able to buy beer for their Superbowl parties, get drunk and beat their wives.


8:54 AM, May 30, 2006  

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