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Friday, April 28, 2006

Eddie Experts and the Folly of Atheistic Philosophy

Fellow Arkansan, Frank Turk, has written a smashing post which reveals the inability of an atheistic philosophy to interact with the real world. The ensuing comments are also worth the read, because they are so telling of how atheists appeal to clever arguments in order to continue to suppress the truth in knowledge.

What I find amusing about many of the atheistic commenters is how they become Eddie experts in practically every field of scientific discipline when they are challenged to justify their beliefs. Tell an atheist his worldview cannot rationally account for the presence of morals absolutes in the world, and he instantly becomes an expert in Medieval era politics, totalitarian regimes, pre-Columbian anthropology, zoology, and theology. It truly is amazing.

My all time favorite arguments come from those proposing the noble savage view of history. You know, all the Indian cultures in the pre-Columbian U.S. were peace loving, agrarian societies who worshipped spirit earth, nature, and never knew any wickedness or vice UNTIL the Christians came and mucked it all up with their monotheistic religion.

One non-Christian commenter notes,

And if you dont think that people are good by nature alone you need to research the studies on endigenous people who havent been tainted by the so called "civalized" world. They do not worship gods or a book they worship nature and its natural functions and celibrated that all living life relies on each other making them one with the natural world. These people do not have war, have no clue what rape is and even the males rarely hurt each other during rough housing.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly constitutes a civilized world? What exactly constitutes an indigenous culture? Are civilized worlds only defined by having a monotheistic value system? Does the Eskimo man who sits his aged mother on an ice flow to die from exposure and be eaten by polar bears count as an indigenous person freed from the suppressive lies of the civilized world?

moving along ...

Those who take time to read Frank's post and the comments will see my posted comments. I was taken aback by Frank's friendly rebuke to what I wrote at first, but later in the day gained an appreciation for what he wrote in response to me. I had argued that atheism is a practice in intellectual theft, because atheist pass moral judgments all the time, particularly against Christian theism. In order to pass judgment, one has to assume a set of agreed upon values. Such values must be objective. Only a divine sovereign being can establish the terms of such values. Atheists objecting to my Christianity unwittingly, as well as inconsistently, employ those values all the time, while at the same time arguing for relativism.

Frank pointed out that my charge was a tad harsh to call an atheist an intellectual thief, because the atheist, as much as he wishes to explain away God and live his life apart from God, still operates as an image bearer of God. Image bearers have a built in understanding of the moral law of God, so in essence, they are not thieving when they employ the use of moral absolutes to express outrage against Christians, they are truly suppressing what they know to be true.

This was solidified in my mind later in the afternoon yesterday after engaging some of these atheist commenters. My wife and I took our boys out for a walk on the paseo (an intricate network of sidewalks here in Santa Clarita. It truly is quite marvelous). Upon our return to our home, we hear a ruckus coming from the apartments next to the paseo. There in the parking lot were two gang looking guys squaring off to fight, and each guy had his homeys edging him on. They start pounding each other and the other guys start yelling and cursing, while my wife and I are looking at each other as to where we should go in case some one starts to pop off some caps, if you know what I mean. The last thing I wanted to have happen is my day ending like a John Steinbeck short story.

Well, as these two guys are tussling in the parking lot, one of the other bangers pulls out a sawed off baseball bat and looked like he was going to attempt to go Robert DeNiro on someone's head. A homeless guy standing by watching this starts yelling, "Watch your back! Watch your back!" and his fellow bangers wave him back to put down his instrument. Eventually, the entire gang collides with each other in a big brawl (We had two brick embankments and a massive ditch dividing us from any harm). Then as quick as it started, all the bangers go running off. I think the sheriff was pulling in.

So, as we continued our journey home, my wife and I reflected upon what we just witnessed, and then I recalled how the one guy with the bat, who was going to blind side this other guy, was stopped by his buddies. It was as if there was an unspoken rule about being fair. Now why would a violent, shaved headed youth care about being fair in a fight? Because even though he is filled with hate and lawlessness, he is still created in the image of God. As Romans 2 says, he does what is written in the law, even though he has no knowledge, or in this case, a superficial knowledge of the law. And to think, he didn't have to be an Eddie expert to suppress what he knew to be true.


Blogger Johnnie Burgess Jr said...

Great post.

1:40 PM, April 29, 2006  
Blogger Peter D. Nelson said...

By the way Fred speaking of the romanticised "noble savage" I once read a "History" book being used in the public grade schools that said and I quote (from memory) Yes the ancient Incas practiced human sacrifice but somehow they were true innocents. I won't get into how they treated the Europeans lest I fall into another bout of apoplexy. Needless to say I spent some time re-educating my youngest.

1:14 AM, May 01, 2006  

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