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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ruthless Darwinian Tactics Against Educators

This past Saturday I had opportunity to hear Roger DeHart present the nine tactics atheistic Darwinian naturalists use to smear the Intelligent Design movement. Some of my readers may recognize Roger's name. A few years ago he was the subject of national media attention because he became a victim of the ideological bigotry by small-minded, "free thinking" intellectual elitists. What did he do? He was accused of teaching religion in his high school biology class in Burlington, Washington.

For nearly ten years, Roger was doing what all thoughtful teachers do by exposing his students to a well rounded, full education. As a high school biology teacher, he had his kids reading supplemental articles written by evolutionists critical of Darwinian evolution. You would think an intellectually honest person would want their children learning all angles of a subject, even those critical opinions.

One of his students, however, a son of two high powered attorneys, was actually learning to use his mind and when he questioned the liberal atheism of his parents they became wildly alarmed to find out he learned this "anti-establishment" nonsense in biology class. The attorney parents did what all knee-jerk activist attorneys enslaved to their anti-God dogma do in cases like this: they immediately notified the ACLU to tell them religion was being taught in one of their son's class rooms.

Long story short (you can watch a documentary addressing Roger's epic struggle), the high school administration under the crushing pressure of a mouth foaming national media and crackpot activists groups, did not wish to appear foolish by supporting a "religious" nut on their teaching facility (as well as spend the money for court costs to fight the ACLU), so they removed Roger from teaching biology and sent him to teach earth science. Roger's biology classes were given to the assistant baseball coach and P.E. teacher who had no formal training in biology and was more interested in the Mariner's starting line up rather than thinking correctly about the philosophical ramifications of origins and science.

In God's providence, however, Roger was offered a job at a new school in Simi Valley, California and he has been able to tell his story of educational censorship and prejudice to a wide audience all across the United States. He even recently testified before the Kansas State school board on the issues of evolution and intelligent design.

The subject of his talk was the nine tactics used by Darwinians against educators who are critical of evolution and dare to introduce their class to such horrific ideas:

1) ID is not science

This is probably the main attack by the anti-ID crowd. The claim is that the arguments put forth by ID supporters cannot be verifiable or falsefiable, so ID falls outside of any meaningful scientific inquiry. Whereas science is considered hard and objective, religion is considered subjective and a matter of personal opinion or faith.

The problem, however, is the confusion Darwinians and their supports make between what Roger describes as historical and bench science. In other words, between theoretical, origins science which requires a lot of speculative faith comments to make an interpretative guess as to what may have happened in the far, distant past and operational or applied science that deals with repeatable and testable science like chemistry or physics.

2) They narrowly define religion

This charge implies that religious people cannot clearly interpret any evidence because they are "religiously biased." The charge ignores the fact that Darwinianism is a worldview of its own with its own presupposed biases. Darwinians are just as religious as the so-called religious people they attack.

3) Show case "religious" individuals who embrace Darwinianism

This is where Darwinians invite liberal and phony religious priests, bishops or other pastors who feign commitment to God and the Bible to a symposium to talk about how faith in God can be compatible with Darwinian evolution. The religious "Christian" Darwinian can be quite convincing, and it is as Eugenia Scott, the high priestess of evolution, has said "Give me 2 collars over 4 Ph.D.s any day." But, the religious Darwinian is wildly inconsistent, because the Bible clearly states God created, that life has a purpose and there are no "chance" events that happen outside of God's control, all things that Darwinians affirm.

4) Argue that students will lack proper science training

But, proper science training involves exposure to the terrific problems inherent with Darwinianism, not ignoring it or pretending such problems don't exist.

5) Claim that science is not political

Becaus science is not political, it is argued, there is no need for this to be discussed in the courts. All ID cases should automatically be dismissed.

6) Equate the teaching of ID with creationism

This is a comparison I just despise, because ID and creationism, though similar, are clearly distinct. Roger described their differences this way:

- ID does not identify a creator or designer.
- ID does not concentrate of the age of the earth.
- ID does not appeal to religious authority.

In my mind, this is a major stumbling block for ID proponents. Roger, though he is a committed biblical creationism, does not think these distinctions are important or necessary for us in the Christian community to consider. I respectfully disagree, because as a Christian committed to biblical truth, I am obligated to defend God's Word and proclaim the truth. I cannot promote some nameless, non-personal designer just for the sake of philosophical argument. I am compelled to proclaim the sovereign creator who has revealed Himself and given us His Son. Yet, Christian ID supporters compartmentalize God and the ID designer, separating them out so as to have an audience with the world. I believe this is akin to denying the Lord.

Roger mentioned how a Muslim sent him a book arguing for many of the same things ID supporters believe and teach. He responded by saying, "why should I dismiss him just because he is a Muslim?" The simple answer is that the Muslim believes in a false god who does not exist and appeals to a book, the Qu'ran, that is hopelessly muddled and is not a true revelation as his authority. That is why he should be dismissed.

7) Misrepresents what has actually happened in the courts and school systems

This is more prominent in the mainstream media and on editorial pages of major newspapers. The idea is that ID proponents want to do things like ban the teaching of evolution forever or make every teacher believe ID or creationism. Both notions are false. If any thing, ID proponents want more evolution taught, including all the outright stupid stuff that gets glossed over in slick PBS or Discovery Channel productions. And who wants a teacher who hates ID being made to teach it when that teacher will more than likely create strawmen arguments just to knock them down?

8) Misrepresent historical relationship between science and religion

They make the claim that ID wishes to return us to the middle ages when scientists were persecuted by the Church and everyone believed in a flat earth.

9) Bully and threaten law suits

Roger DeHart's experience is a prime example. What school system wants to risk a million dollar lawsuit for academic freedom and true intellectual honesty?



Blogger Searaptor said...

Very good read. I havent been reading recently but this was a good one to come back to and read. So very true too.

3:29 PM, March 20, 2006  
Blogger David said...

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4:15 PM, March 22, 2006  
Blogger David said...

Blows my theory that only high school teachers still believe in Darwin...Great to hear that some have moved on to more plausible theories.

4:18 PM, March 22, 2006  

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