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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reconquista in the Streets

Here in LA yesterday, several thousand students from the Los Angeles Unified School District, as well as the Orange County school districts south of LA, took to the streets to protest a recent Immigration Reform Bill. Keep in mind these students had to ditch school all day in order to march in this protest parade.

The reports I have been hearing tell me they gathered at the LA city hall where the mayor addressed the crowd. Eventually, they got onto the freeway at the 10 and 101, one of the most heavily traveled freeway interchanges in the world, and stopped traffic for a period of time. The LAPD was able to channel the herd down an off ramp and back on the surface streets. The students in Orange County attempted to storm the gates at Disney Land, but were prevented by police. By the afternoon, the LA crowd had walked nearly ten miles from where they started, but the LAUSD kindly provided school buses to take them back to their respective school locations.

I live in the farthest north part of LA county in Santa Clarita, about 40 minutes from downtown LA where all this protesting was going on. Santa Clarita is populated with Mormons, uppercrust suburban socialite families, and homeschool moms; the most a-politically active group of people on the planet next to the fine folks of Salado, AR. I was happy the throng of unintelligible baggy pants wearing tattoo aficionados didn't spill over into our valley clogging up the streets so that I would be involuntarily stuck in grid lock forced to listen to anti-American slogans for two hours.

Putting aside the debate over illegal immigration, there were a couple of things troubling me about this entire student protest.

First is the skipping out of school. Maybe it is just my up bringing, but when I was a high schooler, I had enough respect for my school authorities, meaning teachers, regardless of how much I thought some of them were boring and incompetent to teach, that I would never dream of just skipping out of class. And along with a healthy fear of my teachers, I was afraid of getting behind in my school work. The last thing I wanted to happen was to be held back a year because I missed one of Mrs. Burge's history quizzes, and remembering how hateful she was, she would give one on the day I skipped class just to spite me.

I believed my education, even in a po-dunk town, was valuable and worth something upon graduation. Only the deadheads involved themselves with ditching class. You know, that group of kids who always wore Molly Hatchet shirts and stood around the "smoking tree" during recess, down next to the shop class area of campus.

The good portion of the LA protesters were Hispanic kids of illegal alien parents, and like the deadhead kids of my high school days, the great bulk of them are taught neither to respect societal authority, nor value education. This is tragic in my mind, because it is producing an underclass of perpetual uneducated dependents. In some ways, it is as if they are content with mowing lawns, working McDonald's and being maids.

Even worse is how the LAUSD, in the guise of being progressive minded and forward thinking, promote this worthless social activism to these kids detriment. Such liberal nonsense is deplorable and angering. In essence, school administrators are keeping these kids shackled to ignorance in light of pseudo first amendment ideology. Already compounding the problem is how every school subject is taught in Spanish, which prevents them from having to be forced to learn the English language. I can recall many conversations I have had with school teacher friends who are told by political correct administrators to not give out homework because the parents won't let children do it, but instead make them go out to work an evening job. Hence, homework is a waste of time and not the best way to help a child learn, or so goes the muddle minded education enforcers.

Then a second thing troubling me was how none of these kids knew the facts of what they were protesting. Most glaring was the march to LA city hall over a federalbill. If I can recall my civics class, because I never skipped out of it, local government is not the same as federal government. When interviewed by local radio reporters, none of the kids knew any specific detail about the immigration bill. They were of the opinion it would give authority to the army to chase their illegal parents out of the country. If pressed to explain why they thought this, usually the kid let fly with profanity laced comments about racism and the right to be here because California was stolen from Mexico, or they would giggle uncontrollably. One high school teacher opined to a report that he would have to double his efforts when teaching about American government. Of course he assumes that these students will want to learn about American government, or they won't be skipping out of class the day he discusses the subject.

Just one word of wisdom if you plan to trample your free education under foot by ditching school and marching in a protest parade: At least have a working understanding of what you are protesting. It prevents you from looking like an idiot on TV.


Blogger Frank Martens said...

And this my friend, will be the means for the fall of America (if there is one). Uneducated people who will ultimately end up running the country.

10:08 PM, March 28, 2006  
Blogger The Fez Monkey said...

You sure do know how to make some huge sweeping statements in your post, don't you?

You know that most of the kids are children of illegal immigrants, do you? Could it possibly be that maybe, just maybe, these are people, in this country legally, that are upset that once again the conservatives are useing the most disgusting form of race-baiting possible in order to drum up support, and divert attention from things such as a war based on lies, a staggering deficit, and scandal after scandal involving the party in power?

Nah ... that's just more anti-American talk, right?

Oh, and um, Frank ... I hate to break this to you ... but an undeducated geek is already running the country.

9:08 AM, March 30, 2006  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Wow Fez, you sure know how to make some huge sweeping statements in your comments, don't you?

You know that most of the kids are children of legal immigrants, do you? Even though the vast majority of them claimed they were children of illegal immigrants.

That conservatives are using the most disgusting form of race-baiting possible? Maybe, just maybe, conservatives want a better life for these kids rather than remaining chained by ignornance on the slave plantations of the Democrat left.

Nah ... that's just more bigot talk, right?


10:32 AM, March 30, 2006  

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