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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool [pt. 2]

Does Christianity Prey on the Innocent?

I come again to my review and critique of Chaz Bufe's 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity. I consider the first one here. Also, if you excuse his self proclaimed evidentialism, Pedantic Protestant did a much briefer review than what I am offering that is fairly well done.

Anyhow, moving along.

Chaz second reason Christianity must be abandoned is because Christians prey on children. I will let him explain himself:

2. Christianity preys on the innocent. If Christian fear-mongering were directed solely at adults, it would be bad enough, but Christians routinely terrorize helpless children through grisly depictions of the endless horrors and suffering they'’ll be subjected to if they don't live good Christian lives. Christianity has darkened the early years of generation after generation of children, who have lived in terror of dying while in mortal sin and going to endless torment as a result. All of these children were trusting of adults, and they did not have the ability to analyze what they were being told; they were simply helpless victims, who, ironically, victimized following generations in the same manner that they themselves had been victimized. The nearly 2000 years of Christian terrorizing of children ranks as one of its greatest crimes. And it's one that continues to this day.

In order to back up his claim of fear mongering Christians terrorizing children for the last 2000 years, Chaz proceeds to quote from some obscure, 19th century Catholic children's book that no one has even heard of, let alone read from. The children's book highlights sermon instruction from a Rev. J. Furniss who provides some picturesque descriptions of sinners boiling alive in the flames of hell. And then, if that were not enough, Chaz digs up some old Irish Vicar-General who recommends the book as being beneficial for children.

Wow. Is this the best argument Chaz the anarchist Christ hater can provide for slandering Christianity as practically skinning babies alive? I mean, come on, at least throw in a mention of the Children crusades of the Middle Ages when muddle brained, superstitious Catholics believed God would use innocent children to destroy the Muslim hordes in Jerusalem and sent their youth to their certain doom in a hair brained scheme to fight Turks. You disappoint me Chaz.

But what does Chaz, the Christ hating anarchist, offer to replace the Christian terrorizing of children? How would he remedy this victimization of poor, innocent babies? Kill all Christians in a wild anarchist frenzy? It is one thing to criticize, it is quite another to criticize and offer solutions. Chaz just criticizes - and a pathetic criticism as well.

I imagine, however, from what we learn from the rest of Chaz's website, he would probably suggest an anarchist philosophy, mixed with atheistic communism, to replace Christianity. If that is the case, as I am sure Chaz may well gladly attest, am I to believe atheistic anarchist communist would never, ever terrorize innocent children who trust the adults to look after them and have no ability to analyze what they are taught?


You see, Chaz, like all egocentric atheists who dish out the religious criticism, but hardly offer any real world, workable solutions to correct those criticisms, suffer from what I like to call historical myopia. Chaz carries on about how Christians terrorize the young minds of trusting children by quoting some long forgotten children's religious book from over a century ago, but forgets how true and living atheistic communism with in recent decades turned the youth culture into an organized mass of murdering thugs. When Pol Pot took over Cambodia after he graduated from the schools of Paris where he studied such atheistic heroes like Karl Marx and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, he quickly mobilized the youth of that country to implement his atheistic anarchy with horrific results. Now, would not Chaz agree that turning trusting and innocent Cambodian youth into roving gangs of tyrannical, murdering thugs is a clear example of preying on the innocent? Who can forget the scene in the movie The Killing Fields, where Haing S. Ngor's character has his little tomato plant pulled up and stomped to pieces by a 13 year old girl? And what about the images of village folk being smothered to death with plastic bags tied around their heads by bunches of teenage soldiers?

We could also mention Stalin's Russian and the current state of North Korea, states who promoted atheistic philosophy to national levels, but I won't bore people.

I will grant that people in the name of Christianity have said and done stupid things. Maybe they could be guilty of preying on innocent minds, but biblical Christianity does not teach such brainwashing as Chaz would say. Again, this is a fine example where Chaz needs to deal with real Christianity, not cartoon pictures of it.

And as for that preying on innocence charge ... well, Chaz may want to get the log out of his own atheistic eye.

Next up, Christianity is based on dishonesty.

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Blogger pilgrim said...

He has no mirrors in his house.

Metaphorically speaking.

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