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Monday, February 06, 2006

I thought Mohamet was just a man?

It is pretty amazing to be watching European society begin the death throws of their culture as Muslims run riot burning buildings, destroying personal property and threatening death. Earlier, a few months ago, it was Paris burning, now it is wide spread through out much of Europe and places in the Middle East and Asia. And all over the publication of some cartoons supposedly dishonoring the false prophet Mohamet.

First of all, when I encountered Muslims way back in my college days, I remember the ones I worked with were quite adamant that I understand Mohamet was just a man. He was a prophet of course, but just a man. In no way was I suppose to conclude the Muslims believed he was divine. Such a notion would be dishonoring to Mohamet. I still hear this mantra on occasion even today. Mohamet was just a man, Muslims would never, in a million years, think of worshipping Mohamet.

However, how can I believe that any longer? I have been watching the last week or so as psychotic idiots burn the world down around them over the publication of some stupid cartoons. It appears clear to me Muslims believe Mohamet was more than just a man if they are going to react against anyone who would dare insult his image. I thought the second commandment of never making any graven images was exclusive of God alone. Assuming, as most muddle minded religious folks do, that the God of the Bible is the same as the god Allah of Islam, then that second commandment would also apply to him as well. Why does Mohamet, then, have the honor of sharing the second commandment with Allah? By reacting in they way that you have, dear Muslim, are you not deifying your prophet to equality with Allah? It would seem so from my vantage point.

Also, Muslims claim Mohamet is the last great prophet in the line of prophets like David and Jesus. I would think then that any images dishonoring David or Jesus would be reacted to in the same way as these cartoons. Why then hasn't that statue of a naked David not been destroyed? Where was the Muslim outrage when The Last Temptation of Christ was released? Christians protested, but the only burning I remember seeing was a Christian singer burning his contract with Universal.

Moreover, what is the Islamic definition of the word "peace?" Seriously? Islam claims to be a religion of peace, but I have yet to see any example of peace on Islam's part. Do Muslims live in some sort of Orwellian new speak society where words are given definitions opposite from what they normally mean? As I look at my Webster's Pocket Dictionary, peace is defined as "a state of calm or quiet" or "the absence of war or strife." My dictionary definition seems to be excluding threats of death against anti-Islamic detractors, burning building down and hassling Danish citizens as possible examples of "peace." So how are all you Muslims defining the word? It would be helpful, you know, for future reference so that were all on the same page.

These are just some random thoughts as I contemplate all the news about rioting.


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Blogger Lot said...


You watch this Islam thang! I always used to think the Pope was anti-Christ! The president of Iran is giving ol' Ratzinger a run for his money ... in my mind!

I appreciate your thoughts and comments ... especially as you go through this cancer ordeal. (Morbid curiosity, I suppose.)

Lot's Tusej

1:33 PM, February 07, 2006  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

I thought about writing on the eschatological significance of the rise of Islam in our world. I can certainly see a comparrison between Islam and the Beast and false prophet of Revelation. The beast being Islam and the false prophet Mohamet.

When 2 Thessalonians states that God will give the world over to believe a lie, the Western leftist fascination with and support of Islam is a key illustration.

Just wondering out loud.


9:28 AM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger Marko said...

Indeed! Arabs react badly to cartoons... and there are political interests distorting the meaning of that prophet's words (I find little violence, however, in the texts of the Koran, perhaps even less than in the old testament bible)...
...but if the west wasn't bombing their lands, stealing their oil, and imposing dictators docile to the wests business plans...

Well, perhaps they'd be more calm. As far as I can tell, even the cartoon incident didn't cause nearly the violence as one day of American bombs over Baghdad!

Just ask yourselves before you start naming demons... how many of our women and children did they kill (keep in mind, Bin Laden is a Saudi, not a Iraqi : and going after him has at best been only talk : as is his guilt being merely emphatically implicated and assumed —which right there is against the constitution— by the media...and a CIA that begs suspicion if by nothing else than in the fact it woed and trained Bin Laden... but in no way actually proved yet)?!

How many innocent Arab women and children did our rich smilingly smug neocons kill?! And how deep are their pockets padded by Arab oil money?!
Ask yourselves who profited from 9/11... and then go look at gas prices. How often does the mass media talk about making a serious divorce from oil dependence and the imperative need to start massively moving towards alternative existing energy sources for motor vehicles?!
If you want to make a real war against a group of terrorists who work to stimulate high oil prices :

Stop electing people whose fortunes are related to the oil business!
And take away their source of income : oil profits and high prices.

For this you do not even need to kill anyone... that's less exciting, true, and may take the manly “vroom vroom” out of car motors (electric cars make no noise and the new air cars... well, not sure yet)...
...as for biofuels : the world is much too hungry to waist growing fields to feed cars! There are better, cheaper and cleaner solutions! Now.
You want to say good bye to Al Quida? Make the production of combustion motors for cars illegal...
...again : NOW!

Let us not be so smug by our prophets as to sell out humanity for comparative religion nor national pride (when we have so little knowledge of what really goes on in our secretive governments) !!!

Nor cling to fear so fast as to give way to the abolition of our own democracy in the guise of forcing it on others... let us not become “the land of the micro-chipped, home of the cowering fools” while comparing notes as to whose version of Jesus or Moses is going to save us when we do so little to save ourselves! Wake up and look at yourselves in the mirror... you are not any bigger nor better than anybody else, and if you think you are, fine! But then, please just forget about the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, Buddha, etc.. you missed the message! Cheers!

2:59 PM, March 16, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Thank you Marko for that historical revisionistic, conspiracy laden rant. Your 9/11 Truther sympathies are well taken.


6:37 AM, March 17, 2008  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

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6:38 AM, March 17, 2008  

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