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Thursday, January 12, 2006

For those who are interested in what I look like...

My friend Gregg just posted a picture taken a few years ago at Grace Church during the final meeting of our now defunct singles fellowship group. (It became defunct after the majority of people there married each other). I am the cherubic dark haired fellow on the right. Sadly, I am not nearly as godly as Frank Turk, because my halo was drowned out by the flash of the camera.

Gregg uploaded the picture on to a celebrity matching website to see which celebrities we resemble. According to the website, I most resemble some NASCAR guy, Kate Winslett (of Titanic fame), Uma Thurman, and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean). I don't know where the Uma Thurman match came from seeing that she is a skinny woman. I realize Kate Winslett is a woman, too, but at least she is some what more buxom and endomorphic like me. Gregg thinks it has something to do with my cheek bones, but I can hardly imagine that is the case seeing I have a round, Charlie Brown type head.

Any how, for those curious as to what I look like, go check out the picture at Gregg's site. Now that my image is on the web, I wonder if the King James Only people will draw a caricature of me cowering before a monstrous anamorphic Bible with "AV 1611" written across its front about to hammer me with its boxing gloved fist?


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