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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My 6 Months in Blogging Land

I have been seeing a smattering of year in review posts popping up on some of the blogs I read, so I thought I too would take a moment to reflect on my blog.

Though it has just been six or seven months for me to be a blogger and can honestly say I have been thoroughly enjoying it. To begin with, I love to write. Writing not only forces me to interact biblically and logically with my theological convictions, but also directs me to articulate myself in print in such a manner that others can understand them. Additionally, comments from readers places me in the position of defending myself; something all Christian bloggers should be forced to do. Muddled thinking is quickly rebuked by commenters and that makes me return to clarifying my thoughts.

I confess I have a humble little blog. A crude hit indicator a friend activated for me through my Fred's Bible Talk website tells me nearly 3,500 hits have taken place on my blog since I started counting them near the end of October. That is no where near Frank Turk territory with reaching 50,000 as I will admit, but I appreciate folks stopping by none the less.

There hasn't been a whole lot of controversy with my blog. Nothing like the dear fellows at Fide-O have experienced, or Phil Johnson. I was earlier involved with a back and forth with Steve Jones on the nature of biblical inerrancy, as well as KJVO/Ruckmanite, Jeffrey Nachimson. (On a side note, I just recently spoke with Mr. Jeffrey on the telephone about a totally non-KJVO related issue. I have to say it was a pleasant conversation I so thoroughly enjoyed. We talked about his ministry, my acenic cell tumor, and encounters with weirdos in our local church. The Jeffrey on the phone was nothing like the Jeffrey who publishes diatribic screeds on his website. It was such a bewildering antithesis from his WWF smackdown style of apologetics).

I have had the honor of being linked to by many fine individual bloggers. I appreciate the frequent links from Greg Linscott at Sharper Iron, one of the best group blogs going on the web. Also the community blog at Tim Challies just recently linked me, and the real biggy, La Shawn Barber.

If I could have a year end Christmas wish, I would love to have the photo shop skills of Phil Johnson and the prolific, yet stunningly lucid writing abilities of Steve Hays.

As I offer up my reflections about blogging the last part of 2005, allow me to highlight some of my personal favorite articles. For newer readers, please feel free to comment on the ones you enjoy:

Does ID = Creationism?

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Refuting Secular Myths about Islam and Terrorism

Liberals, KJV Onlyists, and Inerrancy

Please Don't Get Angry With Me if I Can't Take You Serious

Materialistic Naturalists and Their Morally Twisted Philosophy of Darwinian Evolution

Silly Atheists and Their Serious Hypocrisy

An Open Letter to Adam Gadahn

Coming to Terms with My Inner Sissy Boy

The Proofs For God's Non-Existence

Islam Goes to the Dogs

Reflections on the Decline of Movie Going

The Gallery of Infamous Arkansans


Blogger Nathan said...

And what an amazing six months it's been. Who knew Arkansans even knew how what the Internet was?

**yet another Arkansas joke you've NEVER EVER heard before**

12:57 PM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger Searaptor said...

I have been reading you blog for a few months now and love it. The one about Islamic myths is great. good points. I look forward to reading your blogs next year.

11:20 AM, December 29, 2005  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Thanks for the encouragement searaptor. I hope you keep reading.


3:04 PM, December 30, 2005  
Blogger BlackCalvinist said...

wow. only 6 months, Fred ? I could've sworn you were around longer than that!

Got your little 'hello' note on my copy of MacArthur's latest book as well :D thanks!

7:34 PM, January 01, 2006  

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