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Friday, December 02, 2005

Blog Round Up

There's been a lot going on since having our third boy. I have a lot of subjects I would love to blog on, but family duty calls. One thing I have noticed is that babies are selfish and they are demanding about it, too. They don't seem to care one bit that you want to have a moment to yourself. They will even rudely interupt your nap.

At an
y rate, today I have a busy schedule. First, I will attend a memorial service for a dear volunteer saint, Gil, who recently lost his fight to cancer. Gil was a quite soul, but the one thing I appreciated about him is how he loved to hand out good theological materials to young believers. When he came to volunteer here at GTY, he would buy up cases of our pastor's books to hand out to friends, family, and anyone else he thought needed a good book to read. He will be missed.

Then a little bit later in the day, I have to journey down to LA into the heart of the beast to visit a doctor at Cedar Sinai to determine how serious my lump in my neck is. I noted in a previous post that the pathological report says it is an acinic cell carcinoma. My doctor, however, wanted another, more expert opinion, so passed me off to the big boys in LA. I am much grateful for this, because UCLA/Cedar Sinai are two of the best cancer places in the world. I am still not convinced it is not extremely serious, but I am looking forward to having it removed none the less.

In the meantime, I thought I would post some interesting blog posts I saw over the Thanksgiving weekend, as well as this week:

I am beginning to really appreciate the roll LaShawn Barber is playing as a conservative blogger. One unique position she has is as the unofficial missionary to the conservative, right wing bloggers. LaShawn was invited to join the Pajamas Media group, a conservative think tank of sorts started by the group of bloggers who exposed the Dan Rather memo-gate fiasco last year. Not only is she a sharp thinking, conservative writer, but - dare I say - she's black. That provides her with a large amount of credibility when she criticizes the deplorable state of various black organizations and activist groups that paint the world as being entirely racist and leech off the hapless inner city poorall the while feeding them a "you are a victim" ideaology. Being a conservative black blogger already marks LaShawn as being unique, and I am sure her conservative friends at the PJ Media group are also well aware of this uniqueness and this probably is one of the reasons they wished to snag her for membership. But one other thing that makes her even more of a curiosity, even among her conservative PJ friends, is the fact she is a solid, Bible believing Christian. As a black lady, LaShawn is sort of expected to be religious. After all, aren't all black ladies traditionally Church going, always singing Mahalia Jackson songs, and involking the name of Jesus when they state their opinions? But LaShawn's faith is more than traditonal black spirituality. She actually believes the Bible is truely God's Revelation, and that it is relevant and applicable to mankind in the 21st century. Even for "God and Country" conservatives like those in the PJ media, such is a just a bit of an odd ball conviction. "We don't mind the traditional black spirituality with a generic "God" and a spirited use of "Jesus" now and then, but believe we are sinners before God and must be submitted to Christ because the Bible says so is a too much. But they will suffer LaShawn because she is so gifted. I do hope, though, for many opportunities for her to share the living Faith of Jesus Christ with those who have a form of godliness, but deny its power.


While hunting for images of biblical texts, I came across this interesting blog highlighting ancient biblical texts, manuscripts and textual criticism. As far as I can tell, the curator is not an anti-supernatural higher critic.


I also look forward to reading the Free St. George blog I found through one of my commenters. I love obscure Church history stuff, and it looks like this one may provide some good material. I have yet to add it to my links page, however.


For those interested in hunting for Bigfoot and lake monsters, you can hit the Cryptomundo blog.


Jeffrey Nachimson wrote a scathing article against me exposing my lies, deceits, theological inconsistencies and other Alexandrian Apostate characteristics I express in my blog articles. In fact, I lost count of how many times I was called a liar in this particular article. It is like loosing count of all the profanity in a Hip Hop song. I plan to answer some of his allegations of my dishonesty in the near future.


Then finally, William Dicks adapts Frank Turk's post about the 7 favorite things in his life. One of the last categories states, "7 people I want to join in, too." I am not sure what it is to join, but William listed me among 6 other fine folks. I appreciate the sentiment and will be happy to join in, what ever it may be. In fact, I appreciate meeting all the folks (even the ones who don't like me) who have stopped by my blog over the last half year or so to leave comments and link me to otherwise unknown bloggers.


Blogger Frank Martens said...

One thing I have noticed is that babies are selfish and they are demanding about it, too. They don't seem to care one bit that you want to have a moment to yourself. They will even rudely interupt your nap.

Dude, I don't care what the Church of Christ folk say about Babies not being born without a sinful nature. There's no way your son learned that fast how to be selfish :)

It's interesting how from the very start we as humans just want to be selfish from the get-go. I should know, I grew up with eight other selfish little brats and me being the cheif of them all :)


9:54 AM, December 02, 2005  
Blogger vandræðiskáld said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son!

9:18 PM, December 02, 2005  

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