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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Got Mine

It is a rare treat to have Phil Johnson drop by my room. Today was an extra treat. He popped in with a spring in his step and presented to me the brand new Pyromanic decal. He was so proud, like a father showing pictures of his new born.

I thought about putting mine on my car, but I don't want it to get ruined. And what would I do if I sold the car? These things are as valuable as original hand written manuscripts of Shakespeare's sonnets. I just can't slap it on any old bumper or stick it to my computer moniter. I hope you take the Frank Turk route, Phil, and make up some coffee mugs and tee-shirts. I for one would love a coffee mug. One of those large, 20 ouncer sizes.


Blogger Genealogy Lookups said...

I got mine!

1:05 PM, November 06, 2005  

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