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Monday, October 17, 2005

Meeting some blog personalities

This past week, the God blog conference was held down at BIOLA. I heard a little bit of it on Hugh Hewitt's radio program this past Friday.

Two well known blog personalities stopped by my Church on Sunday.

First was Jason Janz, the site publisher of Sharper Iron, one of my favorite blogs I read that highlights smart thinking fundamentalism. Some folks believe the words "smart thinking" and "fundamentalism" in the same sentence are oxymoronic, but this is not the case with Sharper Iron.

I saw Jason speaking with my friend Nathan outside of Grace Life, the fellowship group where Phil Johnson is pastor. Jason was a delightful fellow. I told him I was glad to know he was given the opportunity to lead a workshop at God blog, especially in an atmosphere like BIOLA where serious minded fundamentalists are treated like the proverbial red-headed step child.

The second person I met was La Shawn Barber. That was a personal thrill for me, especially because I enjoy her writing. I was talking with Jason when she and her sister walked up. I know La Shawn's sister Shannon from my fellowship group and I was grateful she thought of introducing us. Thankfully I behaved dignified when I shook her hand, because I had the desire to squeal like a 14 year old girl at an Orlando Bloom movie premiere. I overcame my nervousness and was able to blurt out a Jerry Lewis like, "hahloow."

La Shawn attended my fellowship group, so I was privileged to chat with her a bit. My oldest boy thought she was beautiful, because he played all bashful around her when she would talk to him. He always does that with girls he thinks are pretty.

I asked both Jason and La Shawn what they thought of the God blog conference. Both of them said it was an excellent effort for being the first time. The one thing they would like to see next year, however, is more emphasis on the Christian aspect of blogging. I encouraged them both to write up their thoughts, so I hope they do. I look forward to reading about their experience.


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