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Monday, October 31, 2005

I've Graduated

I swung by Fide-O this morning and noticed my blog roll link was no longer listed under the "puppies" category. I immediately became alarmed. I tried to think of what offense I might had done in order to be removed. Was it chewing on a slipper? Whizzing on grandma's favorite afghan? I hung my head and put my tail between my legs.

Then, I scrolled up and noticed I have been moved to the "Dog Pound" category. The "Dog Pound" are those blogs considered "worth taking a look at." That excited me like a live squirrel being thrown into a room full of German Shepherds. It is an honor to know my blog is thought of as something worth looking at and that is especially honoring coming from the fine folks over at Fide-O. Good Dog, Carl.


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