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Monday, October 10, 2005

Islam Goes to the Dogs

Little Green Footballs alerts us to a story out of Singapore about bloggers making harsh remarks against the religion of peace:

Animal shelter worker Benjamin Koh Song Huat, 27, was jailed for one month while Nicholas Lim Yew, an unemployed 25-year-old, was sentenced to a nominal prison term of one day and fined the maximum 5,000 Singapore dollars ($2,969) for racist comments against the minority Malay community.

"Racial and religious hostility feeds on itself," said Senior District Judge Richard Magnus in passing sentence.

"Young Singaporeans ... must realize that callous and reckless remarks on racial or religious subjects have the potential to cause social disorder, in whatever medium or forum they are expressed," he said.

What exactly got these two young Singaporeans into trouble?

Lim had posted disparaging comments about Malays and Islam on an Internet forum for dog lovers in a discussion about whether taxis should refuse to carry uncaged pets out of consideration for Muslims, whose religion considers dogs unclean.

In his online journal, Koh had advocated desecrating Islam's holy site of Mecca.

No context is provided for Koh's comments calling for the desecration of Islamic holy sites, which is a reasonable tactical approach for pulling the teeth from Islamic jihadists. I have discussed this little bit here.

There could be a lot said against a spineless government who will not allow its citizens the liberty to express free speech and ideas because they cower at the thought of upsetting a minority of superstitious individuals.

However, what I want to highlight is Mr. Lim's comments against Islam's view of dogs being considered unclean. Apparently, over in Singapore, there is a controversy as to whether or not people should be allowed to bring their dogs onto public transportation because Muslims believe dogs to be unclean. Muslims would not like my mother's neighborhood in semi-rural Arkansas, because every duck/deer/turkey hunter lets his dogs roam around unleashed on the off season. We were all the time having to shew away dogs from the trash cans. If it wasn't possums tearing open your garbage bags, it was Little Bud's beagles (we called him "Little Bud" because he had an older brother, "Big Bud").

I bet Muslims wouldn't like Fide-O either.

Now, let us stop and ponder a moment a religion that declares dogs to be intrinsically unclean. In other words, being around dogs will defile a person and makes him or her unholy. Apparently, according to Islam, a person doesn't even necessarily have to be in the presence of a dog to be made unholy, but in a vehicle where a dog may had once been present. Because the dogs are so unclean, an across the board law must be passed in order to prevent the possibility of touching dog hair so a Muslim will not become unholy and fall out of favor with Allah. Is not such a belief utterly superstitious non-sense? What sort of goofball god is this Allah any way?

Now some smart aleck critic of Christianity may point out how the Jews had their clean and unclean animals, so I have no room to call the false idol god Allah a goofball. However, if one were to simply read the Levitical commands (Leviticus 11) the prohibitions were against eating the specified animals or touching the body of the dead animal, which I personal consider unclean in the "that's sort of gross" category. Moreover, the "unclean" designation was for a short period until the evening, and it did not make the Jew unholy, or unacceptable to Yahweh.

Additionally, the food laws were given for a specific time during the theocratic kingdom of Israel to distinguish the Jews from the surrounding pagan societies. God has since abolished the food laws upon the coming of Christ who initiated the New Covenant by His death and resurrection. This is clearly taught in Acts 10.

In regards to Muslims, we are not talking about eating the dog in some dog meat burrito. It is the live, so cute and wiggly, tail wagging dog which is considered defiling. The Hadith that condemns dogs also states they should be killed, hence the reason why Qur'an and Hadith honoring Muslims never have dogs as pets, nor are the animals rarely found in such Islamic societies.

This is in my mind one of the key indicators that Islam is a false religion. Any religion which connects personal holiness to not touching tangible objects is pure superstition and is akin to witch craft. The devotee to the religion then equates true spirituality and eternal salvation to outward dos and don'ts of not touching this or not touching that. In a manner of speaking, this can equally be said of Christianity, particularly what is found in Roman Catholicism, and in the legalism of Fundamental Baptist circles that make the avoiding of certain hair styles, clothing, and other so named "vices" indicators of personal spirituality and a right relationship with God.

I can recall encountering this Muslim superstition first hand back in college. During my last two years of school at Arkansas State, I paid my bills by working part time at the college cafeteria. One of the perks of working at the cafeteria was the privilege of getting to eat for free. When I worked the supper shift, I would arrive to eat, along with all my co-workers, about 40 minutes or so before we opened. I worked along side a large group of Muslims. Granted, a good portion of them were like the typical Bible belt Christians in the south who attend church occasionally, but are not really devoted to what their faith teaches. So it was with many of my Muslim co-worker friends. They went to the local mosque in town, but they were Muslim because they were raised Muslims in their home country. None of them could be accused of being sincerely devout.

One thing I learned quickly about Muslims, at least the guys I worked with, is that they loved fried food. They really like fried chicken and fried chicken day at the cafeteria was eagerly anticipated by the Muslim boys. One particular fried chicken day I sat with about 20 Muslim guys and each one must had eaten an entire bird. Near the end, right before we had to start our shift, one of the their Muslim friends who worked down in the kitchen preparing the food came rushing into the cafeteria where we were all sitting with wide eyed hysteria. Through his huffing and puffing he blurted out,


A heavy shroud of dread descended upon the entire table. My Muslim friends sat staring at each other's shiny, greased stained faces through mounds of bones. I don't think I have ever seen someone's olive complexion turn ashen so fast.

Finally, one of them spoke up and asked, "What will Allah, do?" Another less than spiritual Muslim replied, "I don't care what Allah does." Where as another replied, "We must go to the mosque after work," to which they all agreed.

Seizing the apologetic moment, I simply replied as I left to serve the food, "You know guys, I am just thankful my relationship with Jesus Christ is not dependent upon my diet." And they all knew exactly what I meant.

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