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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hitting the Links

One of the great joy I love is typing in my blog name and discovering who around the world has linked to my blog or cited something I wrote. That means there are many like-minded folks out there in the world who I would love to meet some day in the future. Here are some recent links to me. I thought I would return the favor:

Peter Bogert of Stronger Church linked me twice in the same post! He enjoyed a couple of articles I wrote: my plug for good books and my thoughts on Leaving KJV onlyism.

My old friend Gregg Hanke thought I was insightful with my comments about news print vs. the Internet.

Frank Martens of I see daylight believes it is cool to be blogrolled along with me, Phil Johnson and James White over at Centurion's place. Seeing that I am just a young punk compared to the likes of James White and Phil Johnson, I think it is pretty cool too.

Dinsdale of I told You Once appreciated my observations concerning the so-called apologetic ministry of Hank Hanegraaf. The good Lord willing, Hank's skewed theology won't cause him to drive his truck off the road anytime soon.

Many thanks to you fine folks for the links. It is a blessing to know somebody out there likes what I have to say.


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