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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

God, Man and ET Conference Cancelled

Bad news to report. I had mentioned way back in June of this year about a conference entitled, God, Man and ET II - Panspermia, Intelligent Design and Human Origins. It appeared to be a group of crackpot UFO people meeting together to discuss - as really happening, mind you - how life on Earth was seeded by an off world, alien intelligence. Sadly, the event has been cancelled due to a low number of registrations. I wonder why that would be?

So, why did I mention a conference attracting a bunch of goofballs who listen with unflinching devotion to Art Bell, George Noory and Coast to Coast AM? Because there was a Christian connection: Hugh Ross was one of the key note speakers. Yes, that's right, Hugh Ross. The progressive creationist guru who is held up as some sort of competent Christian apologist by the likes of Hank Hanegraaff and Greg Koukl.

I was at a loss as to why Dr. Ross felt the need to attend this conference a second year in a row just to give a lecture on why aliens are mythical and extraterrestrial cultures don't exist, but he was also bringing along with him Jay Richards of the Discovery Institute. Personally, I think they should be thankful for the cancellation. With all the pillorying happening in the media on the subject of intelligent design, the cancellation may help in securing the reputation of these principle ID proponents.


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