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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Conservative Snobs and Christian Wanna-bes

I doubt I can add any thing new to the already old Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination debate. I do find it amusing, however, how Bush's pick of this lady has polarized conservative right-wingers into two staunch camps.

On the one hand, you have what I call the conservative snob elitists who pander to red state, middle America values as being warm and quaint, but believe only "conservatives" from Washington D.C., New England, and the left coast who have attended Ivy league schools should even be considered for such lofty positions as a Supreme Court nominee. These are the conservatives illustrated by Ann Coulter's sarcastic pillorying of Meirs intelligence. She was only the president of the Texas Bar Association, complains Coulter, a dumping ground for losers.

Coulter represents the crowd that says, "Hey, we like the fact you Red state folks helped to re-elect Bush, and we most certainly appreciate your God and country philosophy and the sacrifice of your children in Iraq; but "ya'll" need to stay in your place because you're just too backwards to do anything really important for Republican causes, especially be on the Supreme Court. So, Harriet, dear, why don't you be a good little southern bell and go back to cooking up your bar-b-que and doing your Texas lawyering."

Then, on the other hand, there are Christian's - the God and country people Coulter and her buds like to patronize - who think Harriet Miers is the pre-cursor to the return of Jesus Christ. These are the folks like Jay Sekulow who believes the end of abortion as we know is likely to happen and gays will return to their closets if Miers is confirmed.

Personally, I don't believe the fate of the western world hinges on whether Miss Harriet is confirmed or not. In fact, my mind is not the least bit agitated by her nomination one way or the other. People like Coulter, and the Republican shills who believe she is a dolt, are being ridiculously absurd with their criticisms. I only desire to be cautious. Honestly, as far as the Christians are concerned, I wish they would wise up to realize when they are being used as a patsy by Republicans. At the heart, the Republican party and the conservative pundits both in print and on the radio, are not genuine friends to Bible loving Christians. They don't really care a wit about the gospel and the God Christians are suppose to serve. Oh yes, they may say they do, but when it comes down to the proverbial brass tacks, they will abandon any person who makes statements of exclusivity (Jesus is the only way to heaven), or dares to place disasters like Katrina in a spiritual perspective (read Jerry Falwell is a blow hard and doesn't represent "mainstream Christianity"), and they certainly will have nothing to do with those wacky creationists who believe the world is under 10,000 years of age.

Yet strangely, Christian evangelical political leaders are prepared to compromise the conviction of their faith just so as to have an "in" with Republican higher ups and the appearance of a credible voice of influence among conservative lawmakers. In a sense, they are wanna-bes, and to obtain credibility as a wanna-be you have to support the Republican cause, which in turn may mean toning down the Jesus rhetoric a bit. Keeping it the generic "God" and avoiding comments excluding other non-Jesus, but Republican conservative, faiths.

I certainly like the idea of an evangelical Christian appointed to the highest court in America, but I don't see her as the dawning of a new golden age of Christian conviction. I trust Christians will not only keep their heads about all this as the debate continues to swirl around her confirmation process, but also keep their faith in the right place. Let's remember, the Kingdom of God is not Republican law making and conservative Supreme Court nominations and sinners are not converted by evangelical Supreme Court judges.



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