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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blog Roller Breakdown
(defining my blog categories)

A handful of other blogs I frequent have recently posted a description of their blog categories, i.e. explaining why certain blogs and links fall under the headings they do.

I have never done this, and I have received a handful of inquiries as to why some blogs/links are under the categories where I placed them. So, let me break down the categories for you all:

Links I Frequent

These are not blogs per se, but websites of importance that I visit on a regular basis.

Blogs I Read

I pretty much hit everyone of these blogs at least once a day to see what is up. A handful I may check two or three times if there is an interesting post receiving fun comments.

Blogs of My Co-Workers and Friends

These are folks I personally know or work with here at Grace To You.

My Discussion Groups

I used to regularly participate on these discussion boards. Recently, my time has been invested in writing and maintaining this blog. I still check them from time to time to see what folks are talking about.


Here are a list of excellent websites I have found helpful dealing primarily with apologetics and evangelism.

Fine Theology

Websites of fine theology; theology that will "fine tune" your spiritual life if you visit them.

Muddled Theology

My dictionary defines muddled as, "to muddy; mix confusedly; jumbled mess," and this is how I would define the content found at these sites promoted by the key promoters. I don't see these folks as being out and out hell damning heretical, just clouded in their theological thinking. Now, some folks have inquired as to why I put the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man here, and that has to do with how Hank is utterly muddled on a handful of important doctrinal points. For example, the doctrines of Salvation as I have documented here. Furthermore, he tends to be too accommodating toward other muddled apologists like Norman Geisler and Hugh Ross.

Another reader asked about Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind of CSE. Though I support his view on the biblical record of creation, he has too many other problematic ideas which muddles his apologetic ministry. A big example is his King James Onlyism, which he claims to deny, but is obviously seen in allowing hereticess Gail Riplinger write some of his articles defending KJV onlyism.

Quack Theology

A "quack" is a supposed expert who pretends to have knowledge of a specific subject, but is in truth a charlatan. I list these sites under the "quack" category because they are all awash in a sea of blunderous factual error and theological hocus-pocus all the while claiming to have the final knowledge on the subject they think they are defending.


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