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Monday, September 19, 2005

Odds and Ends to Start the Week

On Friday, the family and I traveled to Santa Barbara to visit the local zoo. It was something of a last minute planned trip. Originally, we were going to head up to Eureka, CA, to attend a wedding. At first, I was a tad excited about it, because it would have taken us into the northern part of California where I have never been. But, my enthusiasm was dampened as soon as I realized we potentially had a 12-15 hour road trip to take. The thought of traveling 800 miles in a car with two children under 3 and a 7-month pregnant wife loomed over me like a cloud of dread. Our plans changed, however, when we realized we didn’t really have the funds to make a long trip, especially with gas prices being what they are, so my wife notified her aunt to let her know we weren't coming.

Well, I still had the time off planned, so I thought a visit to the zoo would be a better alternative. We have been to the LA Zoo many times already, so I was looking for something fresh, so I thought of the Santa Barbara Zoo. The city of Santa Barbara is only an hour and a half from where we live, the drive is pleasant along the 101 next to the Pacific, and kids love any kind of zoo. It is not the world renowned San Diego zoo, which we have visited in the past, but it was lovely enough for a day trip. Most importantly, it had a reptile house. I don’t trust a zoo if it doesn’t have a reptile house. I particularly liked this reptile house, because zoo boy Ryan, a young surfer looking dude, would actually bring snakes and lizards out for us to see and touch. My wife and I were delighted, because neither one of us have ever been to a zoo that has done that. I kept wondering if this was some homeless guy pretending to be a zookeeper, and once I knew he was the real thing, I kept looking around to see if the boss was going to come in, holler at us all, and then excuse us out the door while he had a "talk" with zoo boy.

He even brought out a massive, black scorpion. The thing had to have been a foot long from tail to pinchers. It was a menacing thing, like the kind of scorpions the henchman of the super villain puts in James Bond's bed. This species was extremely docile and according to zoo boy Ryan, the sting was no worse than getting a bee sting. Apparently, one rule of thumb for identifying scorpions: the bigger the claws, the less venomous the tail. The bigger claws are necessary to hold the prey to keep it from struggling as the venom takes affect. Smaller clawed scorpions don't need to hold their prey because they are so poisonous it is killed immediately. Just in case you were wondering about that…

The only annoying thing about the zoo is the rancid, eco-friendly, Earth First philosophy promoted there. A lot of that may be due in part to being the Santa Barbara zoo. Santa Barbara is one of those havens for moon beam, limousine hippies. Everything there was recycled this, reclamation that. And they heavily pushed the evolution propaganda, which I imagine is common at all zoos. This was especially prevalent near the gorilla habitat.

I would highly recommend my single guy friends here in the LA area who are in a "serious" relationship with a lady ("Serious" being defined as she actually likes to spend time with you and hasn't given you the "just friends" talk) that this is a great place to have a day date. It is a close enough drive, the zoo is nice, lots of pretty flowers as my wife will testify, and it is just 9 dollars admission per person with 3 dollars for parking. You can’t beat it.

All Kinds of Links

I am pleased to report that both my website, Fred's Bible Talk and blog, Hip and Thigh, are receiving a fair amount of links from other sites.

Let me hightlight some of them.

I have received at least three mentions on Sharper Iron's web watch posted regularly by Greg Linscott. I appreciate the occasional plugs, especially coming from such an outstanding blog page and forum.

The Thirsty Theologian enjoyed my article on God and Hurricanes I posted a week or so ago.

Brian Houser of Think Again amened my comments about the crippling effects of an entitlement mentality after Katrina.

And Scott McClare of the Crusty Curmudgeon, plugged my article about Ruckmanite goofball, Jeffrey Nachimson. Too my shame, he quoted the one section where I had an embarrassing typo inwhich I spelled "balloon" as "ballon." If I only had the anointing of infallibilty those KJV translators had back in the first decade of the 1600s.

I am on the blogroll of a handful of fine blogs:

Impacted Wisdom Truth

Metal Dad

I See Daylight

Taught and Stable


Parable of the Blog Net

I am considered a mighty man under fellow Arkansan, Frank Turk's, CenturiOn blog (Though I have never killed three hundred men with a spear before).

And being listed over at Pecadillo's blog roll is not only a humble honor, but is probably as close as I will get to being listed under Pyromanic's roll.

Thanks everyone for the kind mention. It is a blessing to know I give you all something fun and thoughtful to read so as to bring you all back and to get listed under your all's blog rolls.

As for my website, I was blown away to discover La Shawn Barber has FBT listed under her category Christian Resources. To have a mention on La Shawn's site is making it big time for a little country boy like me. I feel all emotional, like the time I won back to back citizen student of the year awards in fourth grade and fifth grade.
Gladiator the Extended Edition

The extended edition to Gladiator, one of the best man movies ever made, has recently been released. I am hoping my mother reads this and the next time she sends us one of those gift boxes with kid clothes, she will surprise me and throw in a copy of the extended edition, 3 disk set on sale at Wal-Mart for 24 bucks. I am hoping the scene where the psychotic emperor is parading around in front of an excution squad with their arrows drawn has been restored. It is among the deleted scenes on the original DVD release and I thought that was hands down one of the best scenes that should had remained in the movie.


Blogger Ransom said...

Too my shame, he quoted the one section where I had an embarrassing typo inwhich I spelled "balloon" as "ballon."

You mean I missed my chance to humiliate you with a well-placed "[sic]"? Shoot. I didn't notice.

2:37 PM, September 19, 2005  
Blogger Frank Martens said...

Was the arrows scene shown in theaters? I don't remember.

4:13 PM, September 19, 2005  
Blogger Donnie said...

Why thank you Mr. Fred Butler for the kind words.

4:18 PM, September 19, 2005  
Blogger Fred Butler said...


Sorry to break your heart like that. You have to be quick, because unlike KJV onlyists, I care about my typos.


It was not shown in theaters. If you have the DVD, it is located under the deleted scenes section. That scene is hands down one of the best and it is a shame Ridley Scott did not keep it in the original. It displayed how Commodius (SP?) was an absolute psycho. That is why I am hoping it has been restored.


5:34 AM, September 20, 2005  
Blogger Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Hey Freddy,

Thanks for the mention in your "fine blogs" category. And I repent of my jealousy at your being included in La Shawn's blogroll.

12:49 PM, September 21, 2005  

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