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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Can Now Stop Blogging

I popped over to Phil Johnson's website, Pyromanic, and noticed in his links column - at the very top mind you - that Hip and Thigh has been added to the "entertaining" category. The second in line is Steve Camp, and he is way more entertaining than I am; he even plays the piano and sings. I think he may have even won some awards.

Just in case anyone is wondering, it is because my last name begins with a "B." Phil links alphabetically according to name of the proprietor of the specific blog. I'll take that, none the less. I am just thrilled to be recognized by someone as stellar as Phil. (I am also relieved I wasn't placed in the "irritating" category).

UPDATE 9/23/05, 7 AM.

This morning I did my morning blog round-up as I finished my coffee and multi-grain toast and I am happy to see this post mentioned on Phil's blogspotting for today. However, I noticed on the blog roll he has added another category called "Stellar." Currently, there are only three individuals listed, James White, Frank Turk and the guys from Fid-o. All fine blogs I might add. I guess my blogging is not through. Not until I have my self in that "stellar" category. I will commence writing stellar posts forth with.


Blogger centuri0n said...

Fred --

A synonym for "stellar" is "high", as in, "he must be high; nobody would say that sober."

I am sure that's what Phil means when he put me in that category. As for James and Fide-o, they are actually among the stars.

7:45 PM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger Peter D. Nelson said...

I'm sorry Fred your going to have to keep blogging even past stellar. I'm afraid that once youve started you can never really stop.

10:27 PM, September 28, 2005  

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