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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Horde of the Lies

Just to add my two cents to the growing glut of Katrina the Hurricane commentary

I must confess experiencing a tinge of shame last week as I watched the situation in New Orleans spiral down into a horrific scene out of a post-apocalyptic, John Carpenter movie. The shame was due in part of my inability to muster heart felt compassion for the suffering taking place on such a catastrophic level. Here in sunny, So. Cal., I sit detached from the devastation, being some 1300 miles or so away with 3 large states in between my apartment and the Superdome. The images I watched could have been on the otherside of the world from my perspective. I know that sounds terribly cold, but that is why I am confessing.

However, compounding that detachment were the passing around of lies, blame gaming, and utter ingratitude quicker than dollar shots of tequila in a Bourbon Street bar. I was just disgusted.

What kind of lies am I talking about?:

First is the grandest lie of all: The Welfare State.

I cannot think of anything as scandalous as the bureaucratic created philosophy of entitlement that has produced two generations held captive to the government in a Matrix like stupor. When such a philosophy begins to turn people into societal invalids incapable to even blowing their noses without the government's assistance, it is time to step back and take one of those proverbial, hard looks at what has created a culture with such a mindset that their first reaction is to cry out to a governmental entity to deliver them from disaster. That would be my last place to look for help in an immediate crisis. The government can't even manage to send me my DMV registration tags on time, let alone evacuate thousands of people stranded by flooding right after a hurricane.

Now granted, there were those innocent folks caught between the criminal gang-thug element that should had been dealt with firmly during "peace time" by the police, and those jailed thugs who had been released because law enforcement did not know where to put them as the flood waters began to overwhelm the city, but a good portion of the folks trapped and looting were able bodied individuals. Why is it their first response to fling themselves upon the mercy of the federal and state government?

Then there are the lies excusing the looters. "They're just looting to survive." Good enough, but what about all those looters helping themselves to big screen televisions, DVD players, designer clothing and so forth? I keep playing over in my head that image of two women standing in knee deep sewage water going to fist-to-cuffs over a diamond necklace. Are you kidding me?

And the mayor. Who can forget hip hop talking New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin blaming everyone for his cities woes but himself and his crooked city government. Even more embarrassing was the "Snoop dog," profanity laced radio interview he did in which he virtually blamed the president for creating the hurricane in the first place. And to suggest Bush and other government officials were just sitting around playing rummy, watching the news on TV from off to the side and second guessing each other as to whether or not they should get up and do something, is just appalling.
What? Did the mayor believe Bush was holding back the flying, hover craft buses that are currently top secret? Moreover, we are learning a week later that Bush had declared a state of emergency and was urging Governor Blanco to issue mandatory evacuations on August 27th, the Saturday before Katrina came ashore. That urging was dismissed by the governor.
If the mayor had been prepared (and thinking), he could have used a fleet of buses to help evacuate those individuals unable to move out on their own due to infirmity or lack of transportation. Instead, the buses were left parked and were flooded out with the rest of the city.

Then there are the lies that Navy ships were drifting around off shore when they could had been made available to help with rescue efforts. For example, Paul Krugman, leftist puke for the New York Times, wrote up a big story complaining of the incompetence of George Bush in keeping the U.S.S. Bataan floating out in the Gulf with its unused hospital beds, operating rooms and 100,000 gallons a day water making abilities. The lie? Krugman totally made this up and misreported facts. What is more aggravating is how his article got circulated around the talk radio circuit as more fuel to pour onto the wood for burning Bush at the stake. I think I heard John and Ken of KFI radio in Los Angeles yammering about this for two whole hours.

Then let us not forget the celebrities. I could go on and on, but my absolute favorite had to have been Celine Dion interviewed on Larry King Live. From her comfortable dressing room inside Caesar's Palace, sweet Celine was able to work in all of the Bush bashing talking points inside six minutes and tie them all to the tragedy taking place in New Orleans.

One of my favorite quotes: You know, some people are stealing and they're making a big deal out of it. Oh, they're stealing 20 pair of jeans or they're stealing television sets. Who cares? They're not going to go too far with it. Maybe those people are so poor, some of the people who do that they're so poor they've never touched anything in their lives. Let them touch those things for once.

"Let them touch those things for once?" Who does she think she is? Marie Antoinette?

And then this one: There's kids being raped at night. They hear gunshots, big guns, what's that? Those people are praying. They're walking. They're like this, hello, do you see us? We're still alive but we're dying. It's terrible.

Of course, by the time she was crocodile boo-hooing and finger waving on LKL, the last evacuees were leaving the Superdome. Thankfully, Celine's heart was able to go on to do her show right after the interview.

Well, there could be much more to say, but I think I have over spent my two cents.
Despite all of the horde of lies being purported by the variety of outlets both political and entertainment, I do wish to refocus true compassion, especially to brothers and sisters in Christ. My heart prayer is for those believers ministering in mass to not only bereaved neighbors who have lost everything, but also fellow Christians. One such individual is Eddie Exposito, whom I have never met and know only from an email discussion group. He is from the New Orleans area and has a blog providing occasional updates from some of the more harder hit communities. Pray for him and his Church members to be faithful witnesses to those in need.

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Don't forget the whole Kanye West thing! The greatest part of that wonderful display of ignorance was watching the facial expressions of Mike Meyers.

You know he was thinking, "Man, I'm so glad I'm from Canada."

3:35 PM, September 07, 2005  

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