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Friday, September 09, 2005

Aliens are Causing Global Warming

Here's a fun weekend read...

A good portion of the finger waving of blame in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina emanates from the deranged minds of Bush hating psychotics who have been imbibing pure moonshine fiction distilled from the fever swamps of Moveon.org and similar unseemly breweries. They attribute to our poor president diabolical powers and abilities beyond any mortal man; powers that can destroy 100 story sky scrapers and manipulate the winds and rain. It is like he is some kind of comic book arch-villain of Superman.

One of the more amusing, and tenacious urban legends of recent date passed along by the moonbat left, is the blaming of hurricane Katrina on the junk science of global warming and the rejection of the Kyoto accords. Just as the fundamentalists on the right invoke sinful behavior in the form of Decadence Day parades for the cause of the storm, the secular fundamentalists on the left also invoke sinful behavior as the cause of the storm, but in the form of human beings mucking up the ecological balance of the planet so as to send "mother nature" into a hissy fit to unleash her fury in a hurricane.

This appeal to the hocus-pocus of global warming theory recalled to mind a printed speech my brother sent me sometime ago given by author Michael Crichton at Cal Tech in 2003. It is called "Aliens are Causing Global Warming." Crichton is one of the small handful of fiction writers I will take the time to read because his books attempt to deal with science fiction type subjects with some degree of plausibility. This particular speech highlights the dangers of politicized science, and in the case of global warming, bogus, fantasy science. If some agenda driven political group can gather up a consensus of alleged "experts" and get them all to agree to the "science" behind their agenda, then their science is considered to be vindicated. Crichton points, out however, I would remind you to notice where the claim of consensus is invoked. Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Interestingly, and I am sure Crichton did not intend his speech to be taken this way, his arguments can easily be applied to the consensus of Darwinian evolutionist who refuse to relinquish their molecules to man theory even when there is absolutely zero evidence for such a theory.

At any rate, I hope you take a look. His speech is good material to have on hand if a person encounters on of those individuals quick to jump on political driven bandwagons promoting some scientific theory for their agendas.


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