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Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Morning Musings

Two Musings to Start a Slow Week - More Forthcoming

0 I came to work this morning to learn from the news that ABC broadcaster, Peter Jennings, had succombed to lung cancer. That's too bad. I liked his reporting; he had a easy voice to listen to. On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, it was his reporting I heard from New York for the early hours after the attack until Dennis Prager came on.

Though many conservative folks in blogland are giving their condolences, I cannot help but to keep in mind that it was Peter Jennings who gave "credibility" to the God haters from the Jesus Seminar by providing them a pulpit in the form of his annual 2 hour Christ bashing specials. At least once a year and half or so, Jennings would put together a special examining some claim of Christianity. The special was advertised as a serious look at some aspect of the Christian faith, like the Resurrection, or the veracity of the Bible, but was in truth a smear piece against Christ and His people. "Fundamentalists" would be interviewed in order to meet the requirements for "fair and balance," but they were presented as being a little kooky and outside the norm for Christian thought. One wonders as to what Mr. Jennings is thinking now that he has meet his maker.

0 Phil Johnson has a fun article on NASA astronaut, Jeff Williams. I mentioned on the comment page for this article that it was Jeff who turned me on to the heavens above website. The website tracks satellites, including all the shuttle missions and the ISS. In fact, this past Saturday, I went out to watch the shuttle and ISS fly by overhead. The shuttle had recently disengaged from the ISS and the two of them looked like bright stars moving across the sky. That was cool - but in spite of meeting Jeff, I guess I am still a geek.


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