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Monday, August 29, 2005

Materialistic Naturalists and Their Morally Twisted Philosophy of Darwinian Evolution

The London Zoo recently opened a holiday exhibit called "The Human Zoo," in which 8 volunteers lounged around in black bathing suits and bikini's with fake fig leaves attached to cover the appropriate parts of the human anatomy. Apart from one, pasty white flabby guy (who can be seen confidently displaying his endomorphic roundness in the photo), all of the participants were shapely and athletic. They spent their time pretending to "groom" one another, waving at passers-by and sitting around in a large bear enclosure.

The purpose of the exhibit is explained aptly by the title paragraph from the London Zoo website:

The August Bank holiday welcomes an extra special exhibit to London Zoo as a flock of Homo sapiens gather on the world famous Bear Mountain.

Presented to the public with only fig leaves to protect their modesty, the humans will become an important feature of zoo life as they are cared for by our experienced keepers and kept entertained through various forms of enrichment.

The four day event aims to demonstrate the basic nature of man as an animal and examine the impact that Homo sapiens have on the rest of the animal kingdom.

London Zoo spokesman, Polly Willis adds, "Seeing people in a different environment, among other animals ... teaches members of the public that the human is just another primate." And one of the participants in the human zoo, Tom Mahoney, had this to say, "A lot of people think humans are above other animals. When they see humans as animals, here, it kind of reminds us that we're not that special."

Basically, the London Zoo is simply affirming the typical idea most people sadly believe about human beings: we're just a bunch of evolved apes. However, if a person would take the time to serious contemplate the statement from Polly Willis as well as the one from goof ball volunteer, Tom Mahoney, the intellectual inconsistency and irrationality on the part of the entire exhibit becomes clear.

Does this Willis lady genuinely believe the absurd fraud she is pushing on the London public? Does she sincerely think human beings are just another primate?

The first and most stunningly obvious inconsistency is the fact the folks have on clothing. That in and of itself should make it clear that human beings are not "just another primate." Modesty is one key indicator distinguishing humanity from other animals. Who has ever seen a primate putting on clothes in order to express modesty? Animals are not modest and don't care if anyone stares at "their business" to put it discreetly. I can remember as a child during one visit to the St. Louis Zoo, I noticed a chimp sitting by himself fidgeting with something that looked like a whistle. I pointed and shouted, "look mama, that monkey has a whistle in his mouth!" My dad sort of hurried us away and said, "that's not a whistle son."

There is a very non-evolutionary reason why humans are modest: we have an inherent sense of shame. That shame, according to the Bible (Genesis 3:6-8) is due in part to man's sinfulness. Modesty is a constant reminder of mankind's separation from God and his need to be redeemed from his sin and restored to a proper relationship with Him. The fact that the London Zoo exhibit had clothed human beings on display proves this biblical truth. When did the sense of shame over personal nakedness evolve if we are just another primate?

Also, animals don't have a problem with relieving themselves in public. I will venture a guess and say these "human animals" went indoors to urinate and defecate. And I bet they weren't throwing feces at anyone as many of the primates I have seen had a habit of doing. Additionally, I am quite certain they did not engage in any public mating activity if you know what I mean, wink, wink. In fact, as a pubescent teenager, one of the great delights when visiting the zoo was stumbling upon some animals engaged in mating, if you know what I mean, wink, wink. I particularly found the giant tortoises the most fascinating because even though they mated in slow motion, it was loud and punctuated with much gurgling and hissing.

Ms. Willis's claim that human beings are just another primate reveals the complete irrationality of the naturalistic materialism of those who promote Darwinian evolution. Of course, if the reality of this worldview would only stop at some bizarre exhibit that simply left people scratching their heads and then moving on to real life, we would all be fine. However, Ms. Willis's ideas have severely impacted the thinking of nearly every industrialized culture on the planet and those ideas have worked themselves out in some horrific detrimental consequences.

For example...

In one case of historic irony, there was once a human zoo exhibit. The difference was that this exhibit was quite real and not played off as some ecology awareness goof.

Most people are probably completely unaware of Ota Benga, an African Pygmy who was brought to the United States and presented to the Bronx Zoo in 1904 where he was on display in a cage in the primate house. He was later taken out by a group of Christians enraged by his capture, and tragically took his life some 6 or 7 years later due to increased depression. The entire Ota Benga episode is one of those rancid fruits of evolutionary thinking that says human beings are just another primate.

Also, this evolutionary worldview can be seen in how the Australian aboriginal people were hunted down, killed and their skeletons prepared for display in various museums around the world. It was the common belief among evolutionary biologist, that the aboriginal peoples were a "missing link." They were treated with utter contempt as some lower than human lifeform who represented unevolved man, or to put it another way, "just another primate."

This attitude toward the Australian Aboriginal continued into the 20th century as a governmental policy that took half-caste Aboriginal children from their full blooded aboriginal parent. There was an entire "stolen generation" of children who were separated from parents all in a "virtuous" attempt to protect them from being harmed by the "less than evolved" aboriginals.
Rabbit Proof Fence is a recent movie about this forced separation and tells the story of three young girls, Molly, Daisy and Gracie who were taken from their mother, but managed to escape the institutional home where they were relocated and trekked 1500 miles back home using the rabbit proof fence as their guide.

We may think the London zoo is having a spot of fun, but this "Man is just another primate" belief advocated by the promoters of this "human zoo" exhibit can easily lead us down some dark roads. The record of history tells us that this philosophy has ended in sorrow and death for a multitude of people considered to be "just another primate."

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Blogger Frank Martens said...

If they keep up this irrational behavior, they actually might end up in a zoo themselves. What we call the insanity zoo.

Wulp, the world has successfully reached an all time pinnacle low of reducing the thought of humans to brainless creatures by actually performing it. Lets put it this way... EVEN IF we were once primates doesn't mean that we are now.... BLAH! I'm going to go nuts!

Thanks for the post, it was interesting.

12:18 PM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger centuri0n said...

... and if one of them gets sick, we can just put them to sleep, right?

... turns out that's not as funny as it sounded before I typed it ...

12:24 PM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Frank Martens said...

Actually, it kind of is...

So if evolution is supposed to cause us to get smarter and more advanced, why are we getting stupider and ending up in zoo's?

This makes me want to go get a banana, of which I think I will.

1:41 PM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger C.H.H. said...

Well written and a pleasure to read, Fred.

6:55 PM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Joanna Martens said...

here are my two..three pennies.

-evolution is a perfect (contradiciton?) of the law of thermodynamics.

-"darwinian evolution"-is that redundant?

-evolution=disorder to order. why can't my bedroom follow that hypothesis, dang it!!!

5:47 PM, September 03, 2005  

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