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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just Past Monday; Not Quite Mid-week - In between Tuesday Musings

Lightning Storm. Early Monday morning - I mean early, like around 3 AM - we were awakened by a lightning storm. That is something of a rarity in Southern CA. Thunderstorms with lightning take place out in the high desert areas of CA, but hardly ever down in the LA basin. My oldest boy is about 3 years old and this was his first encounter with lightning and thunder. I knew there was going to be trouble the moment I heard the approaching thunder and saw the flickers of light. I got up, shut all the windows with hopes that the two boys would sleep through it, at least the oldest one. Those hopes were dashed as soon as the storm got on top of us and lightning hit a power pole down the road a piece and knocked the electric out for about a minute or so. It became pitch black and that is when Caleb, the oldest, began hollering for mama. He spent the rest of the night with us in bed, which meant I couldn't get back to any solid sleeping. Children believe they have the freedom to sprawl out and hog up the bed. The youngest boy, Josh, was like a corpse. He pretty much sleeps through anything.

While researching lightning pictures to upload, I came across some cool links:

Mark McEuen's Lightning Page He provides further links, along with the science of how lightning works. And safety tips.

Cori's Lightning Links Nice background music.

WV Lightning.com

Driving home Sunday after Church service, my wife and I spotted a brand new, cherry red Mustang with a personalized license plate reading: NO MORLS. I am not sure if the gal driving the Mustang meant to convey to the world that she has no scruples and is an easy pick-up for any willing guy, or if it was a general description of her philosophical outlook on life. I commented to my wife that I bet if I were to bop her on the head and take her Mustang for a drive that she would totally forget about that message on her plate. People can be such hypocrites.
Classic school yard put down becomes living reality. The classic school yard insult, "If I had a dog as ugly as you I'd shave its butt and make it walk backwards," meant to demoralize flabby asthmatics whose parents dressed them in granimals clothing and buster brown shoes, became a living reality in Santa Barbara recently. Sam, a 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested is a three-time champ in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.
Owner Susie Lockheed is dedicated to the freakish pooch which reminds people of some hellish ghoul from a Clive Barker novel. Lockheed, 53, began taking in unwanted dogs suffering from skin allergies. Sam was one of them.

Among other things, Sam enjoys having his fleshy, thin, potato-chip ears massaged and Susie's fingers running through the small patches of white hair on his head. He also is fond of having her kiss his hairless, wart covered body that sheds flakes of skin regularly.

Upon winning the Ugliest Dog contest last month, in addition to a large cash prize, Sam's owner was awarded a razor and backward walking training classes.

For further info visit: Sam, The ugliest dog in the world.


Blogger Shawn L said...

Hello Fred Butler,

It's been quite awhile since i have talked to you on the theology list. Thanks for the bible talk website it's great to see this.

Thank you,
Shawn Lynes

10:18 AM, August 16, 2005  
Blogger Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Isn't it strange how rare and wonderful lightning seems in California? Growing up in Michigan, one learns to sleep through thunderstorms.

Years ago I was living in Granada Hills, and a lightning storm was taking place in the distance. The apartment building had a walkway across the roof, and people were bringing their children up onto the walkway so they kids could see the lightning.

You would have thought the President was going by in his limo or something the way they were enraptured.

8:02 PM, August 17, 2005  

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