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Friday, August 12, 2005

Comment Posting Guidelines

1. Keep in mind basic, common courtesy. That should be a given. Think of yourself as a guest at a neighbor's house. Or even better, how do you like guests to behave in your house?

2. I will not tolerate cursing. This isn't a postmodernist, emergent Church blog where the use of profanity is viewed as virtuous and even needful when deconstructing truth. Honestly, regardless of how sophisticated you may think yourself to be or well-versed in the writings of such and such fad philosopher/theologian, if you can't articulate your passion without the use of cussing, you're an idiot. Posts with cussing will be deleted immediately. In fact, just to annoy the cusser and his misapplied use of the 1st amendment, I may repost his comments with the cussing bleeped out.

3. Don't be a coward. Please identify yourself by signing your name, or if you insist upon a screen name, at least have something written about your real self on your bio page. Though I won't delete anonymous posts, I tend to discount comments posted by "Profile Not Available" as someone who doesn't have the courage of his or her convictions to truly say who he or she is.

4. No canned overload. Canned overload describes the work of those individuals who post 7,000 word comments that are essentially cut and pasted from multiple sources. The post is "canned" in the sense that it isn't the person's genuine work, but a cut and paste job from a variety of articles with which he or she agrees; and it is called "overload," because the cut and paste post is so large and covers so many issues that it is just impossible for anyone to truly interact with it in any meaningful fashion.

Moreover, because it is a cut and pasted post, the poster can post faster than anyone else can respond. In fact, one of the sure signs of a canned overload presentation is the fact that the posts are so large and come so fast it is clear they had to be cut and pasted together because it is more than can be written by a normal person. In the end, the poster is sadly cemented in his error and falsely assured of believing he is correct, because "no one can answer his objections."

5. Please refrain from posting only links. In other words, make a comment with a paragraph or two, and if you happen to think another website may add some supplemental material to the discussion here, then post your links.

6. Stay on topic.



Blogger centuri0n said...

Hank does have a muddled theology -- but he can sure recite it quickly and consistently.

Just pull the string on the back of his neck. :-)

2:28 PM, August 12, 2005  
Anonymous andrew jones said...

these are good guidlines!

2:48 AM, August 13, 2005  

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