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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Good Inerrancy Conversations

I am not sure how many (probably a scant few seeing I am a small, unknown blogger) have been following my discussions on the doctrines of scripture with Steve Jones, the curator of Free Thinking Faith. Our primary discussion centers around the doctrine of inerrancy and all it entails: identifying the original autographs, the reliability of the copies, the veracity of the message contained in those copies, etc. During the course of our interchanges, there have been some good comments posted by Steve and others from his errancy position that have helped to further fame the overall discussion.

I believe these doctrines pertaining to the nature of scripture are vitally important for Christians to understand and articulate, because they have such a strong bearing upon our faith and the truth claims of Christianity. Though errantist would disagree, I believe the certainty of Christianity as being the only way to be made right with our creator stands or falls upon the trustworthiness of the revelation our creator has given in order to reveal how we are to be made right with Him. If this revelation, which is said to be the breath of God (2 Timothy 3:16) does contain factual mistakes or contradictory information, then our creator can be accused of any number of character flaws: God was mistaken when He gave the revelation; He is inconsistent or confused, because the revelation seems to be confused; He lacks the ability to maintain the purity of His revelation over time. In the end, as I have argued in some of my back and forth with Steve, how can we call people to submit to the commands of the gospel message if we are not sure if it has been accurately conveyed to us?

Hopefully, the fine believers who pass by Hip and Thigh on occasion will take the time to read the debate. I would also exhort them to participate by adding any relevant comments which may be helpful. To show you how important I believe this issue is, I will be placing the articles in a permanent link in the side column so they can be accessed easier and read by some who may stop by a long time after the discussion comes to an end.



Blogger SteveJ said...

It's been a good and profitable discussion for me, Fred. Hopefully, others will benefit from it as well. I respect you, your position and your depth of knowledge, despite our areas of disagreement.


2:41 PM, August 09, 2005  

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