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Friday, August 26, 2005

A Few Random Odds and Ends To End the Week

As my week draws to a close, I thought I would throw out some random odd stuff I have been mulling over in my head.

My Favorite bumper sticker I saw this past week:

I Want to Die in My Sleep Like My Grandpa, Not Yelling and Screaming Like the Passengers in His Car.

Most Angering Newspaper article I Read:

I don't know which paper it was from (maybe the Santa Clarita Signal) or what day it appeared exactly, but I was scanning the news rack waiting for the doughnut lady to finishing putting together my three dozen assorteds when I came across an frontpage article saying something about Internet porn being available at the local county library in Valencia.

Apparently, the story goes on to talk about this mother visiting the library with her kids when some pervert was surfing a hardcore porn site in full view of the kids section of the library. Upon alerting the librarian to what is really "mental molestation," the mother was told, with no uncertain terms, could the person be troubled because such Internet "experiences" fall under the 1st amendment rights clause of the constitution. So let me see if I have the logic straight: Essentially, a pervert can sit at a computer in view of children and get his jollies on knowing he is exposing them to full on naked people doing sexually explicit things and a magical shield called the 1st Amendment clause creates a force field that prevents the librarian from approaching the person and asking him to turn it off; however, if that pervert was to actually perform in person the exact same sex act being displayed in the image on the computer screen, he is hauled off to jail and charged with a sex crime or indecency? Please. And this in our hyper-sensitive age of children being abducted and sexually exploited. I am truly amazed.

Favorite Website for this Week: I Drank What?

Jonathan Johnson has a brand new website, I Drank What?, and even though he has been blogging for about a week or so now, he consistently puts out quality blogs on stupid subjects that make me laugh my self sick. His John Tesh handshaking post is already legendary.

I envy his talent.

Little, punk squirt.


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i'm infatuated as well.

5:49 PM, September 03, 2005  

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