Hip and Thigh: Smiting Theological Philistines with a Great Slaughter. Judges 15:8

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crazed Mob Scrambles for Crappy Used Computers

Yesterday, I watched the video of this shameful display of stupidity and greed colliding into one big moshpit of insanity- quite literally - on FOX News. I wasn't paying attention at the moment the commercial break teaser flashed up, so I didn't catch what the feeding frenzy was all about. All I saw was a clip of a massive throng of people pushing and shoving their way to some building, cut to a couple of chubby girls sitting on the ground and sobbing uncontrollably, followed by pictures of bruised legs and smashed baby strollers. When the actual story was played, I found out this embarrassing melee was over - get this - the sale of 4 year old, used IBook laptops! I belched out a snorty laugh. You have got to be kidding me? Risking life and limb and even your family (many folks had infants in their arms) for used Macintrash laptops? Good grief. Its like a 1,000 people elbowing their way through a narrow hall way like some geek version of a roller derby to buy up the few remaining Commodore 64s that are out there.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a funny slide show giving the moment by moment as the whole sordid event unfolded. I think there may be video, too.

(Look at the fanatical desperation in the eyes of that one fellow in the blue shirt in the foreground of the picture above. You'd think the fate of all humanity depended upon him).