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Friday, August 19, 2005

60 Years After the Bomb

I am a week or more late commenting upon this; but better late than never I guess. Victor Davis Hanson wrote an excellent apologetic for the use of the bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki posted on the week that marked the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII. Originally published in the National Review Online, it has been re-posted on Hanson's site.

60 Years Later Considering Hiroshima

The summary is brief, but compelling as if all of Hanson's writings.

Some of the considerations he explores:

- As to why the Americans didn't explode the A-bomb out in the ocean for demonstration purposes, Hanson writes,

Planners thought that using one for demonstration purposes (assuming that it would have worked) might have left the Americans without enough of the new arsenal to shock and awe the Japanese government should it have ridden out the first attack and then become emboldened by a hiatus, and our inability to follow the attacks.

- And as to the amount of single day casualties for civilians, Hanson reminds us,

Hiroshima, then, was not the worst single-day loss of life in military history. The Tokyo fire raid on the night of March 9/10, five months earlier, was far worse, incinerating somewhere around 150,000 civilians, and burning out over 15 miles of the downtown.

- And then as to the complaint by pacifist minded P.C.ers that we have falsely painted WWII Japanese as slant-eyed monsters, Hanson points out,

The Imperial Japanese army routinely butchered civilians abroad - some 10-15 million Chinese were eventually to perish - throughout the Pacific ... the Japanese army was killing thousands of Asians each month.

The article is short and worth the quick lookover. Hanson certainly places a proper perspective on the use of nuclear force to finish the war.


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