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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mr. Skeptic Goes to Creation Camp

The Answers in Genesis Mega Conference is going on this week in Virginia at Liberty University and my wife and I are wishing we could be there with them all.

Instead, I have had to content myself with catching the daily updates at the websites. Oddly, Ken Ham reports there is a skeptic reporter in attendance who is blogging on the various lectures. Check out his first entry here> Creation Summer Camp.

I only quickly scanned his post, but he seems to be fair with his comments (there isn't any needless "mocking"). One thing is for sure, judging from his closing comments, he recognizes the sophistication and intelligence these experts bring to the debate between biblical creationism and naturalistic evolution. These aren't a bunch of hillbilly, barefoot fundamentalist pentecostals wavin' their bybuls and renouncin' cyeence as the devil's tool.

Still, he does appear to be clueless to the philosophical reality that all so-called scientific facts and evidence has to be interpreted. Like the typical critic reviewing the work of creationists, he seems to erroneously distinguishes between religion and science as if the two are incompatible and science is its own stand alone, autonomous discipline that can be considered with neutrality. I can only hope he will have his presuppositions challenged as he mingles with these good folks. Maybe even the Lord God will have mercy and call him to salvation.

He plans to be blogging during the week, so he may provide us with a unique point of view.



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