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Friday, July 22, 2005

Mr. Skeptic Goes to Creation Camp, Pt 2

As the Mega Creation Conference wraps up, skeptic-in-attendence, Ronald Baily of the Reasononline.com site, files his final reports with:The Myth of Millions of Years and God Said It, That Settles It. The first article details creationist cosmological models, and in the second, Mr. Baily deconstructs Georgia Purdum's review of the Intelligent Design movement.

There is a tad more mocking in these two articles than what he had written before. He makes it fairly clear he doesn't care for anyone dogmatically claiming to have a source of external revelation from a creator God which directs men on how to view His world, both past and present.

For example, in the Myth of Millions of Years article, Mr. Baily takes some swipes at the notion the earth may had been flater before the time of Noah's flood, than what it is now, and he concludes his article by saying it is more mythical to say an old cosmos just looks old, when in fact it is just 6,000 years. Of course, Mr. Baily is assuming current, secular cosmological models are infallible and do not have their own inherent problems. Say that to the various adherence to the many competing secular cosmologies and all of them will be quick to point out the flaws in their opponent's model.

The second article is primarily a report on Dr. Purdum's talk critiquing the Intelligent Design movement. She sees the same problems with the ID movement I do. That being, ID divorces the clearly revealed biblical creator from the intelligent cause supposedly designing everything.

Mr. Baily still toils under the delusion that science is autonomous and scientists working with science are neutral observers who would never think to interpret their conclusions in light of a particluar biased, anti-supernatural worldview. For instance, he makes the passing criticism of Dr. Purdum's comments on the complexity of the mammalian blood clotting cascade, by writing, "But is the mammalian blood clotting system irreducibly complex? While the work is far from complete, researchers are making progress in figuring out how that system came into existence over hundreds of millions of years." Really? figuring it out all by themselves as if their research just tells them without any one having to interpret the research? Hmmm.... And I bet the research has a tag on it saying "hundreds of millions of years," too.

In all, Mr. Baily is fun reading, lending the Christian a persepective from how skeptics view God, the Bible and Creation.


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