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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Monkey Trial - 80 Years Later

The apologetic website, Answers in Genesis, has posted an excellent summary article of the Scopes Monkey Trial that took place back in July of 1925. This year marks the 80th anniversary of this worldview shaping event. Most Americans are grossly misinformed about the nature of the trial, erroneously believing the Bible and creationism was shown to be false and evolution affirmed as true. This is primarily due to the wild inaccuracies portrayed in the classic film, Inherit the Wind, along with the philosophical indoctrination we receive in our public schools of materialistic naturalism that is passed off as being infallible science.

Check it out here: The Scopes "Monkey Trial" - 80 Years Later, by Dr. David Menton.

It is worth the read, at least to have a cursory understanding of the facts. It doesn't hurt to be informed, especially if you run into some blow hard know-it-all who finds great delight in ridiculing God and the Bible.

There is also a website detailing the trial in more depth - www.scopestrial.org



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