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Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Miscellany

Random Thoughts to Start the Week:

--> The amicable Unitarian, Steve Jones, of Free Thinking Faith, has posted a response to my article highlighting biblical inerrancy. A printed out a copy on Friday to mull over it during the weekend. Pretty much all of his points have been dealt with in full by the authors of the various books I listed in my initial article. Once I finish up some small tasks here at work, I'll start writing a response to be posted later this week. I actually appreciate the interchange, because these back and forths help to shore up the truth in my mind. Not that I couldn't defend inerrancy before, I just like sharpening my skills a bit. Dullness can be problematic.
Judging by some of the comments from his supporters, many of them still misapply bogus charges of circular reasoning on my part. So much for people understanding logic these days.

--> According to movie critic Michael Medved, Rob Zombie's new epic, "The Devil's Rejects," is suppose to be one of the worst depictions of sadism, cruelty, torture, murder, and even necrophilia, ever put to film. On top of that, Medved reports a gross theme of anti-Christian bigotry woven through out (One of the "bad" cops is named "Dobson" for example) with most of the cruelty directed toward Christian believers who are mocked as they are being tortured.
Now, I don't know how many people remember Mr. Zombie's fun loving rock group, "White Zombie," who regularly sang songs glorifying rape and torture and other unmentionable crimes. Apparently, Mr. Zombie felt the need to leave his rock group to pursue a higher calling of putting these images onto film. As would be expected, there were people in Hollywood who actually paid him money, gave him a camera and allowed him to do it. We now have two classics from this freak: "House of a 1,000 Corpses" and the recently released sequel, "The Devil's Rejects." If you have ever heard Mr. Zombie interviewed, he is surprisingly articulate and warm. However, like all non-regenerates, it is obvious he has some serious emotional issues with God and Christians, but his issues go beyond just a general distaste for religion to being pathological and disturbing.
The reason I mention Mr. Zombie and his movie is the shocked reaction from the conservative values crowd, like Medved. I will admit that I am just as equally sickened by such a movie, especially the blasphemous hatred toward Christians. But, did not Christ Himself say we should anticipate such hatred? The fallen world, where Mr. Zombie exists, hates Christians, because they hate Christ first. Let us not forget that in the world we, the followers of Christ, will experience trouble, and trouble will often times express itself in persecution both artistic and physical.

--> From the "It's still the religion, moron" files. I am sure most folks remember hearing about congressman Tom Tancredo's remarks last week that if Muslim terrorists nuke any of our cities, we should retaliate by bombing their holy sites. After he said that, all heck broke out as conservative, right wing pundits tripped over themselves to be the first ones to hurl scathing rebukes toward the good congressman and distance themselves from such hateful remarks. In a way, it was embarrassing how many of them reacted, because Tancredo is viewed as a hero of sorts by the same right wing folks for his strong stance against the inaction President Bush has taken toward illegal immigration.
Hugh Hewitt was the worse I heard as he devoted 3 hours of one show to pillorying the congressman and passing along the three big myths Americans have imbibed concerning Islam and Muslims. One of my earlier posts explains what I mean. Moreover, Hugh misrepresented Tancredo's comments implying he used the phrase, "nuke Mecca." That was a bald face inaccuracy as I learned later after hearing the congressman interviewed by John and Ken. The congressman simply pointed out that we are at war with a non-entity; a group with no ties to a specific sovereign nation. This isn't like the Communist Russians during the Cold War days. However, just like the threat of entire nuclear destruction kept Russia in check for making a first strike, the threat of taking out Muslim holy sites acts as a deterrent to any possible nuclear action by terrorists. If all Muslims knew the free world is serious and would destroy key holy sites - sites that are tied directly to the religious practices of Islam - there would be efforts to wipe out terrorist cells in the world. As harsh as the congressman's comments were, he is correct in his assessment. Thankfully, he has not backed down from those comments. Pundits like Hewitt are in need of a real clue that we are at odds with a religious worldview seeking our destruction, because we are standing in the way of Islamic law dominating the world. Apparently, Hugh and others of his ilk are satisfied to remain in blindness to who the enemy is.

--> My in-laws paid a visit this weekend and brought a copy of the movie version for Phantom of the Opera with them. I had never seen it before, and now that I have, I am left wondering why people like it so much? Perhaps I not as sophisticated as the rest of the world, but strip away all the songs, fancy clothes, and the glamour of the opera culture and it is basically a story about a pedophilic stalker who attempts to kidnap a young, teenage girl. Am I suppose to feel sympathy for the phantom dude? I saw the same thing play out in real life with the Elizabeth Smart story, but it just involved a young, teenage girl from a strange religious background and a white trash stalker guy. Maybe they can make a musical out of that.

--> My wife and I got sucked into our first timeshare presentation this past Friday. We received a notice that we had our name drawn to win a 4 day trip to somewhere. The catch was that we were to come listen to a presentation about vacationing time sharing. In addition to the trip, the gift for attending, I was told, was a digital camera. I thought, "It's worth sitting for an hour and half just to say no and get a free digital camera." Right. The camera is so cheap a person has to hook it up to a computer or television just to view the pictures he has taken. It is the 8-track tape of digital cameras. I would had made out better with a disposable camera from Wal-Mart.

--> Then last of all, I am at a loss as to what shameless, sycophantic remarks I could make about Phil Johnson and his Pyromaniac site so I can receive a blogspotting plug. Since Phil has raised his standards as to what will make blogspotting worthy comments, I have drawn a blank. I can't think of one ingratiating witticism and I have absolutely zero photo shop skill to paste together some picture with Phil's head on it. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Blogger Keith said...

You have to include food that is theologically sound. PYRO=HOT

I was spotted in his post for my kimchi theology


"Keith Mikkelson Has a fascinating article about kimchi, well-illustrated with interesting graphics. That's the kind of blogging the PyroManiac likes to see."


4:45 AM, July 26, 2005  
Blogger P-BS-Watcher said...

See Desperate Situations and The Suicide Strategy.

1:27 PM, July 27, 2005  

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