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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Kind and Gentle Hippie, Leftist Jesus

Perhaps I am slow noticing this trend, but it appears to me that liberals are attempting to hijack Jesus from biblical Christianity. I think I was scanning an article over at FOX news and I noticed an advertising link that stated something like, "Jesus was a liberal." Curiosity took a hold and I clicked the link. What I found was a collection of bumper stickers and tee-shirts for sale, oriented toward a liberal, Democrat perspective. I guess the slogans were meant to soothe the distraught minds of our proud American blue staters (though blue counties are more accurate) who suffered a crushing defeat to the Republicans in 2004. The comments were meant to be humorous, but displayed a pathetic lack of inconsistency. For example, one of the bumper stickers sported this ironic comment: "Remember when all the Red states were in the USSR." Hmmm? Is this suppose to suggest the socialistic leftism of the former Soviet Union is equivalent to conservative, Republican values?

At any rate, I was more interested in the "religious" bumper stickers, many of which had slogans that demonstrated an apparent struggle with biblical literacy on the part of the person or persons who designed them. Some of them stated theologically backward comments like, "Christian by Choice - Democrat by the grace of God," "Jesus was a liberal, Now what's your point?" (That one still has me scratching the noggin), "GOP does not spell GOD," and "The Christian Right is Wrong." Others wrestled verses out of their biblical contexts and attempted to apply the words to the current state of differences between Republicans and Democrats. Like for example, the one that quotes Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the peacemakers." I am guessing the Sermon on the Mount is meant to be taken as a big anti-war slogan? Even more bizarre is how the site sells supposed pro-Christian bumperstickers along with rabid anti-religious ones. Two that stick out in my mind: "I won't think in your church if you don't pray in my school" and "Freedom of Religion means Freedom from Religion." If I recall, I think the Bible does say something about how a fountain cannot produce salt water and fresh water at the same time, but maybe that is one of those more intolerant Bible verses.

Yes, if my observations are correct, the leftist crowd is attempting to turn the wrath appeasing savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, as He is presented in the pages of holy scripture, into some side burns wearing, Volkswagen driving, protest shouting, anti-war demonstrator who hates President Bush and discusses existential philosophy at the local coffeehouse. There is even an organized political group called The Christian Alliance for Progress whose stated mission goal is to "Reclaim Christianity and transform American politics." Honestly, it should read, "To Revise the biblical truth to fit our leftist agenda." The Christian Alliance must attract only the gorgeous, correct thinking Christians to their ranks, because the blue eyed, babe with the full lips quoted on the home page states rather sulleningly, "I feel embarrassed and angry that Christianity has been used to divide our country and to promote bigotry and war." Of course, I am wondering as to which person has used Christianity to promote bigotry and war? Never are any examples provided. Even more curious is the scarcity of biblical passages used for supporting their beliefs. As an alliance of progressive Christians, you would think there would be plenty of passages utilized to silence the bigoted fundamentalists whom they stand opposed, but their site is curiosly devoid of any relevant exegsis of the Bible. The group has a confession of sorts with their Jacksonville Declaration and they outline their worldview in 7 shared values:
  • Spiritual Foundation in Jesus (of course)
  • Social Responsibility (The rich must be taxed)
  • Compassion for the least of these (Give your money away to those who will squander it on drugs and booze)
  • Equal Justice for All (code words for: no death penalty for guilty criminals)
  • Equality and Inclusiveness (what is it to be a progressive if your not inclusive!)
  • The Right Use of Power (No war against some tin horn dictator who routinely brutalizes his people)
  • Faithful Stewardship (Wealth earned by hard, faithful work must be heavily taxed)

Each one of these is attended by leftist propaganda and a Bible verse or two lifted from its context battered beyond any meaning the original author intended.

My hope in the next few posts or so is to examine these so-called seven values and evaluate them according to the Bible rightly interpreted and disabuse these verses from the enslavement of leftist ideologues who turn the Bible into some Bush bashing, Marxist manifesto.


Blogger cass said...

Just sent this email to The Christian Alliance for Progress:

"How can you claim to be talking for Christians, when you do not use the Bible as your guide? You attribute left-wing liberalism to the New Testament? Show me Chapter and Verse. Wolf in sheep's clothing? I think so!

Do you remember the verse about not changing a "jot or tittle" and the promise made to those who do?

Just call yourself what you are, a wing of the ACLU, Left-wing liberals, George Soros' Hate America crowd, who want nothing more than to be rid of the Judeao-Christian values upon which our Country was founded. In other words, left-wing Democrats!"

9:05 AM, June 13, 2005  

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