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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Former Grade School Misfits Develop Misfit Curriculum

Michelle Malkin alerts us to the implementation of new school curriculum in New York City designed to affirm the nerdiness of the nerdy dorkwads of which I was once a proud, card carrying member. She also has an on-line article about it here.

The curriculum is sponsored by Operation Respect and is called the "Don't Laugh at Me Project," whose founder is - I kid you not - Peter Yarrow of the 60s-70s hippy folk rock group, Peter, Paul and Mary. In addition to strengthening the affirmation of chubby, asthmatic kids, the curriculum is also designed to provide principles that resolve conflicts with bullies. In other words, a dorky kid might as well put a "mock my fat" sign around his neck.

This is typical of our psycho-analytical society and the leftist mythos of believing mean and nasty kids are that way because of either their environment, misunderstanding on the part of the bullied, lack of self respect, or victimization by Republican, conservative agendas. Never is the blame placed upon terrible parenting, the kids self-centered attitude, and the need to address his or her internal, sinful heart problem. The reason kids are mean and bullying is because 1) they already have way too much self respect (2 Timothy 3:2), and 2) their parents let them get away with being thugs.

Leftist socialist types (like Yarrow) exacerbate the problem by inventing moronic school curriculum that only serves as an external band-aid, offering such insipid solutions as reasoning with the bully and turning the "bullied" into a pacifist doormat. Malkin points out the underlying anti-war, peace protesting worldview driving the project. Many of the comments she posted are fun to read, too.

I could only wish these folks had been around when I was in grade school. When James Bedwell attempted to steal my new bike from me with the threat of physical, bodily harm, I could have had some conflict resolving comments to engage him with as he pounded me in the head. Instead, I rode for my life after I laid him on the ground with a knee buckling kick to the crotch. I had to avoid going down his street and look for alternate routes to my friend's house for the entire summer until he moved away to live with his grandma.

I am sure Operation Respect would also have helped me to accept my obesity and to think positive of the many ridiculing slurs I received, like "Freddy fat-fat" and "Freddy Big Butt." Sure, I would had been a 180 pound fifth grader, but a 180 pound fifth grader with a good body image. That approach would had prevented me from enduring the 7 month long starvation diet and military style fitness program I undertook. And to think, by embracing my fat as being who I am, I could have continued eating two breakfasts on Saturday morning and never had to deal with the countless asthma attacks.



Blogger BlackCalvinist said...

Okay, somebody come scrape me up off the ground.

Hilarious, Fred.

And so true.

So, so SOOO true.

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