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Friday, June 24, 2005



Hugh Ross to Speak at ET Conference

Am I the only one who thinks it is sort of weird that Christian apologist, Hugh Ross, of Reasons to Believe is a featured speaker at an upcoming conference that lends plausibility to the existence of ETs and UFOs? Granted, when Dr. Hugh is interviewed on Coast to Coast AM he denies alien's exist and is forthright with Art Bell and George Noory's audience that they are being snuckered by demons. He is certainly to be commended for telling the truth in this area. However, the word conference implies 2 or 3 days at a resort hotel somewhere, and hour long lectures by UFO believers allegedly providing pseudo-scientific finds demonstrating ancient civilizations once existed on Mars and aliens meddled with human society in Earth's distant past. I can maybe see a Christian apologist like Dr. Hugh participating one time in such a conference, but this is the second time. He did this once before in the fall of 2003, and now again coming in November, 2005. This time he is bringing along his Reasons to Believe sidekick, Fuzale Rana, and ID promoter and Discovery Institute VP, Jay Richards. I would venture a guess and assume Dr. Hugh and his friends believe they are bringing the gospel message to an arena that otherwise has no evangelistic witness, but there has to be some point where involvement in such off the wall venues casts a strange light upon a person's ability to discern.

My take on all this is that it only shows how an individual's apologetic methodology can potentially harm his or her credibility as an evangelist and embarrass the person. You see, Hugh Ross is an evidentialist. That means that before he shares the gospel with a person, in this case, so-called scientific minded intellectuals, he must first demonstrate the reasonableness of the Christian faith, hence the name of his ministry, "Reasons to Believe." Once the rebel sinner has been convinced that evidence exists in favor of God and the Bible, then the gospel can be brought into play. Maybe Dr. Hugh is still at the convincing folks of the evidence stage. One wonders.

Does Hubble Create Trouble for Creationists?

Imonk, Michael Spencer, opines in his June 21st post, The God of the Hubble Universe, that the further we can see into the vastness of space with Hubble, the more creationists loose the ability to defend the Bible as a book of literal science. I use to like Imonk's essays, because he addresses subject I can relate to coming from a Hill Billy fundamentalist background. He has written some fun ones in the past that would take pokes at Bible-belt SBC traditions. I enjoyed a few of them so much I printed out hard copies to put in my files and pass around. But, ole Imonk has recently dog paddled out into the deep, murky waters of postmodernism where an understanding of God's character is obtained by swapping stories around a glowing fireplace with an aged scotch in your hand. One of Imonks big targets of recent date is young earth creationism. He mentions something disparaging about young earthers in nearly every other post or so that he publishes. Biblical creationism is a fat target for someone with postmodernist leanings like Imonk, because YEC believe the book of Genesis is a genuinely truthful and an accurate record describing how God really created our world and when He did it. The first 11 chapters are not meant to be read as a big allegory, or interesting moral stories, or poetry. And, it is not meant to be a literal science text book, either. I don't know one YEC who holds to such a position on the Bible. There may be some muddle headed ones out there, but the ones I know provide an excellent understanding of how we are to read Genesis and the entire Bible for that matter. If Imonk would take the time to bone up on what YEC actually believe about the Bible rather than whacking straw men, perhaps he will have a different take on Hubble.

God's providence over nature displayed

Dave Coppedge, curator of the fine website, Creation Safaris, provides an interesting story linked from his creation-evolution headlines page. According to Netscape News, a 12 year old girl in Ethiopia, who had been kidnapped and raped by a group of men who were going to force her to marry one of them, was rescued by three lions who drove off her assailants. Lion experts are flumxed by such behavior, why?...because lions normally attack and kill people, not rescue them from rapist thugs. While the secular world scratches their heads, I am reminded of Daniel's experience and God's power over His creation. The article doesn't say anything about whether this girl was a Christian or not, but I would like to think she was.

I am Declared an Alexandrian Apostate

And, on a final, narcissistic note, self proclaimed Bible linguist and translation expert and Internet loon, Jeffrey Nachimson of the A.V. Answers Association, has labeled my home website, Fred's Bible Talk, a promoter of Alexandrian apostasy. What exactly is an Alexandrian Apostate, you may ask? That is any person who doesn't believe the King James Bible translation, originally published in 1611, is alone the infallible Word of God. Thus, if you read any other English translation, especially one translated in the last 100 years or so, you are reading a corrupted Bible. My apostasy is made worse because I have actually come out publicly and renounced those defenders of the King James Only position as being dishonest, academic and theological quacks (see the side links). I plan to blog about my former KJV days sometime in the near future, but in the meantime, I find it a great honor to have my website listed along with James White's Alpha and Omega Ministries, the Bible.org site, and the fine men who write for the KJV only site, as fellow Alexandrian Apostates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth I seen Mr.Nachimson has written against some of the things you've said and called you names which is alot like Jeffery when he is pushed into a corner he comes out with guns a Blazin-He takes no accountabilty for anything he does im sure there is alot you all dont know about him so he should not be the first to cast a stone he reminds me of that preacher that hides the truth and is afraid to Talk about it or acknowledge the TRUTH..

5:04 AM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had seen Mr.Nachimson had left you a rude comment which is alot like Jeffery when pushed into a corner he comes out with Gun's A Blazin instead of talking it out he is Mr.Right he could never be wrong about anything -He reminds me of that preacher Jimmy who hides behind the church and his idea of what he thinks is God's word yet he does not live by it.. and I will defend my Truth of Mr.Nachimson for a very long time.. so Sir do not let this young man offend you everyone is intitled to thier opinion-and I would place a bet Mr.Nachimson has an opinion about EVERYTHING AND HIDES ALOT OF HIS OWN PERSONAL TRUTHS....

5:05 AM, July 12, 2005  

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