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Friday, June 24, 2005

Burn It All!

Perhaps you are among the many folks who have noticed the billowy cloud of smoke rising over the horizon of blogdom. It is coming from the theological furnace of Phil Johnson's blog, Pyromaniac. Just a short month ago, Phil ignited his site and he has already established himself as the Internet version of Ronald Bartel, Donald Southerland's fire bug character from Backdraft.

On his inaugural week, Phil first set fire to the Boar's Head Tavern with his post, Quick and Dirty Calvinism. Not only did the fire interrupt the tavern's bi-monthly "darts and doughnuts night," but bar tender, Michael Spencer, was forced to break open 4 kegs of his best imported beer in order to dowse the flames. Even one of his two introductions to postmodernism got scorched as the flames lit up the room.

In addition to the jovial wit Phil adds with his pithy insights to our modern culture, his website hosts some of the hottest graphics centered around a pyromania theme (I can only wish to be invited up into the big office to have him show me how how he cooks them up). In fact, I like the clever blog name of Pyromaniac, because it provides Phil with a cornucopia for fire related analogies, metaphors and descriptions. Off the top of my head, Phil could blog on:

- Strange Things I've Barbequed

- Worse Cases of Heartburn

- Hot Places I Want to Visit

- Most Fiery Sermons I Have Heard Preached

- Books I Would Like to See Burned

- People I Wish I Could Burn at the Stake

- People Who Can't Take the Heat

- Will the Chicago Cubs Drag Me Through Hell This Year?

I am sure there are plenty of other fire themed topics of Pyromaniac interest. Until then, check out Pyromaniac; just watch that you don't get scalded.


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