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Thursday, June 16, 2005

AiG vs. The Skeptics

The fine folks of Answers in Genesis operate one of the best, if not the best, apologetic ministries available to the Christian Church. Their primary focus is bringing the biblical record concerning man's origins, and the origins of life on Earth, to bear upon the irrational philosophy of Darwinian evolutionary thought. Evolutionary thinking permeates our entire culture, so the men and women of AiG have a daunting task. However, they are quite capable as they wield the truth of God against the enemies of the faith. Check out their extensive collection of on-line articles dealing with every conceivable aspect of creationism and objections by detractors.

I bring AiG up, because four of the guys from the Australian office are involved with an on-line debate with a group of skeptics. The debate is in written form and is available at the web blog of Australian journalist, Margo Kingston. It looks like it will be a spirited, and the interchange will give an opportunity for AiG to not only defend the faith and challenge the reasoning of evolutionary, anti-theist skeptics, but also present the gospel to the many folks who will probably read the essays. Those interested in apologetic methodology, and a practical, real life application of biblical apologetics, will certainly benefit from them.


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